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From Aki Yoshida <>
Subject Re: Adjusting WS-RM systests for http 202
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 15:50:36 GMT
2011/9/2 Daniel Kulp <>:
> On Friday, September 02, 2011 10:41:56 AM Aki Yoshida wrote:
>> Thanks. I looked at some examples of Axis2 and the new behavior can
>> interoperate with them. But I noticed one thing in the create sequence
>> behavior for a decoupled endpoint case.
> Oh... cool...  can I assign CXF-372 to you.   :-)
> Seriously, CXF-371, CXF-372, and CXF-373 really seem kind of "bogus" to me and
> I was thinking of just closing them.  If a user encounters an issue that we
> find to be a bug, we can log the bug.

If it's not in hurry, I can take them and see what we can do.

There used to be some public endpoints some years ago. But there seems
to be public endpoints nor some standard interop test cases. So, I
don't know how far we want to go in this interop stuff. Besides, those
tests based on some public endpoints are very subjective to the
technical environment and we can't integrate them in our build

So, what I was thinking about regarding the interop tests is to make
some mocked conduit for CXF to intercept and compare the CXF's
outgoing requests against the previously recorded CXF's expected
requests and extract some properties, then to feed back the recorded
non-CXF's incoming responses to the CXF's response channel and
possibly to the decoupled channel if configured.

The recorded messages that are fed back to the CXF endpoints are
parameterized and enhanced with the runtime per-message properties
that are extracted during the request processing so that they look
like the expected response messages.

|f we go this way, we can at least say that we have some automatic
interop tests for Axis2 1.6.0 etc without using the actual systems
during the tests.

regards, aki
> Dan
>> Axis2 sets replyTo to the anonymous address so that the
>> CreateSequenceResponse comes back directly in the HTTP response,
>> whereas all the other responses come back to the decoupled endpoint.
>> In contrast, CXF sets replyTo to  the decoupled endpoint so that the
>> create sequence response also comes back to the decoupled endpoint.
>> Although they interoperate each other, I think it would be nice to
>> provide a configuration option in CXF to also set replyTo to the
>> anonymous address for the create sequence. How do you think?
>> This can be a configuration property somewhere in the manager or
>> sorcePolicy or a request context property. If it goes to the
>> configuration, I don't exactly where we should put it. I saw you
>> started to work on the manager config for the version switching
>> feature. Maybe, you can tell me where you would put it.
>> Thanks.
>> regards, aki
>> >  - Dennis
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> Daniel Kulp
> Talend -

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