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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: CXF JMS and replyToQueue
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2011 19:56:08 GMT
I don´t fully understand your explanations.
What is a QManager? Is it a jms message broker?
It seems not as you write about a Message Broker on another QManager. 
Sorry that I do not have better knowledge about the IBM terms.

So what is this setup you described good for?

I know the scenario where client and server are connected to different 
jms brokers. This can be easily solved by using the broker´s features to 
bridge the queues
from one broker to another. So for the client it seems the server is on 
the same broker and the other way round. So in this case CXF does not 
have to do anything special.


Am 26.09.2011 21:43, schrieb marcin.kasinski:
> Using IBM WebSphere MQ and Message Broker there is stong need for this
> functionality.
> Consider scenario where one application is connected to QManager A , second
> application is connected to QManager B and beetwen there is IBM WebSphere
> Message Broker on third QManager.
> Somethimes there is need to change reply inside broker.
> In this situation I should send reply to queue placed in broker QMGR not
> replyToQueue specified on request message.
> Then this message should be send to destination reply queue placed in
> QManager A.
> I can not do it because in reply replyToQueue is blank.
> What I need to achieve this:
> 1. Always send reply in CXF to queue specified in replyDestination or other
> config parameter.
> 2. copy replyToQueue parameter from request to response message
> 3. in response message set "JMS_IBM_MsgType" int parameter to 2.
> Do you know haw I can do it ?
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Christian Schneider

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