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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] how to handle ws_security/interopfest example
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2011 02:18:19 GMT
On Fri Sep 16 09:35:33 2011, Freeman Fang wrote:
> On 2011-9-16, at 上午12:56, Daniel Kulp wrote:
>> Colm and I were discussing this a bit yesterday as well. I'm not 
>> really sure
>> what to do. :-(
>> One thought I had was that if we could somehow get the wsdl's (any Mac
>> TimeMachine users that may have them from a previous build or 
>> something?) I
>> could throw them up on my personal server for now. Reconfigure the 
>> examples
>> to then just use the local server. That would work for WS-Sec, and WS-SC
>> tests, but not the Trust due to the need for the MS STS. With Colm's
>> proposal this morning, we could have an STS as well.
> Thanks Dan for this kind suggestion.
> But put the wsdl in a personal server still make cxf example rely on 
> some outside servers, though I believe your server must be more stable 
> than the MS one :-), I prefer that cxf examples can run standalone.
>> That said, the above is a bit of work and I'm not sure how worth it 
>> that would
>> be at this point. If we're going to to all that work, it's probably just
>> better to create a couple new "simpler" samples that show the various 
>> security
>> options. For example, if we pull in the STS, a good example that uses 
>> that to
>> show using SAML to secure a service or similar might be a bit more 
>> useful than
>> the interopfest things that just test a bunch of policies.
> I like the idea that create a couple new "simpler" samples that show 
> the various security options, as cxf could have a better STS as well 
> soon.
> How about we exclude ws_security/interopfest example from kit for now 
> and we can add more useful security related examples later on.

I think the CXF example should work out of box with relaying on other 
service, simpler security example could be helpful for the user to 
understander the it.
I definitely +1 for it.

> Regards
> Freeman
>> Dan
>> On Thursday, September 15, 2011 10:18:56 AM Freeman Fang wrote:
>>> Hi Team,
>>> Due to the Microsoft WCF security related server down for quite a
>>> while(probably over a year and I'm not sure if they can come back
>>> again), so the ws_security/interopfest examples shipped with kit
>>> doesn't work, I know that wssec10, wssec11, and wssc samples in
>>> samples/ws_security/interopfest have local server, but those local
>>> server also need download wsdl(I don't think we can ship those wsdls
>>> for license reason) during runtime from Microsoft WCF server, so if
>>> Microsoft WCF server is down, even local server doesn't work.
>>> Currently we have a NOTES like
>>> IMPORTANT NOTE: since these samples rely on the external services
>>> that are provided
>>> by Microsoft, they may or may not run or even build reliably if the
>>> services are down
>>> or have been changed.
>>> But if Microsoft WCF server never come back, it means those examples
>>> will never work again, so it's not a good experience for end user.
>>> Should we contact Microsoft to ask the server back(:-))? Should we
>>> remove those examples? Or should we just leave it as is?
>>> Any feedback is appreciated.
>>> Best Regards
>>> Freeman
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