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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: Remove the CXF MTOSI examples?
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2011 12:31:30 GMT
No, if we're keeping it in the source distribution we should keep it in both. 
This example is either Good or Not Good, and, on that basis, it should be
either included with both or excluded with both.  (I understand your company
has a customer requirement to Mavenize all unmavenized binary distribution
samples that would be solved by having MTOSI only in the source
distribution, but I have a larger concern of removing unused examples,
period--one that would also take care of your concern :)  Of course, it
would always be available in the SVN archives for anybody still interested
in it.

In my view, again, none of us here have sufficient knowledge about MTOSI to
be able to authoritatively document it, so it is irresponsible for us to
keep an example showing how to use it--authoritative documentation can be
the role only of the MTOSI team.  ("Professionally maintaining a MTOSI
sample in our distribution" is probably an oxymoron.)  Indeed, for any third
party web service X, how to use X can only be defined on  Any
third-party web service (or in this case, standard) too inactive or
uninterested to document how their own stuff works, that's a warning signal
that we should be steering clear of it rather than trying to document it for
them and include examples for it.


Freeman-2 wrote:
> +1 to exclude it from binary kit, just keep them in svn and src kit.
> Freeman
> On 2011-9-22, at 上午1:28, Glen Mazza wrote:
>> Nuking appears appropriate.  If MTOSI's WSDL's are well designed, no  
>> special
>> example for it would be needed (either our already existing Java- 
>> first or
>> WSDL-first samples would suffice.)  If they're not and need special  
>> tweaks,
>> it's the responsibility of the MTOSI team (assuming such a team  
>> exists) to
>> document on their own website how to get their non-standard WSDLs to  
>> work
>> with JAX-WS implementations, not vice-versa.
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