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From Aki Yoshida <>
Subject JMX instrumentation for WS-RM checked in
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 11:30:30 GMT
I checked in an implementation of JMX instrumentation for the WS-RM
components in trunk.

In short, RMManager and RMEndpoint objects have their instrumentation
beans and various inspection methods into the internal states of the
runtime artifacts such as RM source and destination sequences, the
status of the message retransmission are exposed over these beans.

To get an idea, you can simply activate JMX for your bus configuraiton
and use jconsole to connect to the server. If your bus activates the
reliable messaging feature, you will see the managed RMManger entry.
The corresponding RMEndpoint entry will be registered when the
endpoint is used.

Most instrumentation methods are accessible from this managed
RMEndpoint instance. For example, you can display the current state of
a given source or destination sequence, get the list of sequences, get
the retransmission state of those messages that are in the queue, the
current acknowledgement range for a given sequence, etc. There is also
a method to suspend and resume the retransmission of messages assigned
for a specific source sequence.

There are two automatic test classes in trunk:
ManagedRMManagerTest in rt/ws/rm verifies the registration of these
managed RMManager and RMEndpoint beans.
ManagedEndpointsTest in systests/ws-spec verifies the functionality of
various methods of these beans.

These methods provided currently are the first cut. And I would like
to get your feedback and suggestion.

regards, aki

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