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From rbinion <>
Subject XSLTJaxbProvider and json
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2011 23:57:26 GMT
I'm looking for suggestions on how best to approach a problem. 

I'm currently working on a project where we are using CXF to expose REST
services which will be consumed both by direct service consumers as well as
a co-developed spring MVC/javascript based application. 

I suspect that we are doing fairly typical stuff in that we are annotating
our services to produce both xml and json (driven by jaxb annotations), and
this is working fine for simple marshaling. However I now have the need to
also handle some fairly simple transformations (omitting and renaming
elements) both coming in and out of a particular service. 

The reason for the transformation is that I essentially have a POJO that
represents somewhat of a "union of types", and I have no compelling reason
to realize this "union" as a class hierarchy, other than to make the service
interface "clean" (the underlying business service prefers to operate on
this "union" as does the data access layer). More or less, I am trying to
avoid creating DTOs, or rather I am attempting to realize the DTO's only
through XML transformation.

So, I would like to provide a simple set of rules (xslt) to do the
transformation for both XML and json output, but that is where I am not
conceptualizing the simple solution. XSLTJaxbProvider seems to be very close
to what I want (and indeed I have been able to get this to work for
marshaling XML), but I'm not sure how to extend this approach to also work
for JSON transformations without having to write two XSLT's (one for
handling XML and the other for handling json).

Am I thinking about the problem wrong, i.e. two templates is the way to
handle this (regardless of the maintenance overhead), and/or I should just
stop being lazy and implement the darn POJO's (again irrespective of the
maintenance overhead) ...

If I am on the right track but some sample code would be helpful in seeing
where I am going astray, I can provide that as well ...

Any suggestions/revelations would be greatly appreciated.

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