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From Ryan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: EJBInvoker, progress, observations, questions about EJB creation organization, other various questions.
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2011 02:44:52 GMT
>Do you agree or do you still see the need to have custom
>JAXRSEJBInvoker & custom EJBResourceProvider ? I'm not sure what
>JAXRSEJBInvoker will do ? 
Then, in order to create the EJBInstance, it would be nice to have some
create EJB Instance method, as described before, which
would take things like the web.xml file as params, and then create the
IDeployable, create the EJBInstance, and from that JContainer3,
create the appropriate factory, since the container already automatically
selects which factory to instantiate. That factory can either
sit in RP, which is where these methods might go, or possibly as some
EJBPackageCreationUtility class that is called by RP, or
perhaps, factory could be passed to InvokerFactory, but I think that because
JAX-RS, you might want to keep the RP model. 
>Do you mean Invoker asks InvokerFactory to manage the lifecycle ?
Yes, invoker calls create and release in InvokerFactory. 
So the instance from pool management specifically happens in Invoker
>Do you think JAXRSEJBInvoker should extend JAXRSInvoker 


>and decorate
>the invocation with something similar to what
>EasyBeansCXFInvoker does ? 
Ok. So, EasyBeansCXFInvoker copies stuff from the AbstractInvoker that it

You can see that in the invoke method, until the exception catching occurs,
that all of the 
lines, with the exception of packaging the response into a list, are taken
exactly from 
either the InvokerFactory, or the AbstractInvoker, so, because Jonas
only extends, for invocation(..) method calls from AbstractInvoker
performInvocation), I would like to possibly refactor, as just mentioned,
Invoker and 
InvokerFactory into RP (factory) provider and Invoker, with outside method
construct EJB packageable resource from component items, such as class
web.xml file, etc. EJBInvoker would then extend JAXRSInvoker. RP would be
as RP to JAXRSServerFactoryBean. If you disagree, obviously the final code
policy is up to Apache and yourself, not me. 
>Don't worry about the class scaner for now, please try to understand
>how EasyBeans sets up a CXF JAX-WS endpoint and follow the same
the easybeans package is called easybeans-cxf-extension, am I correct that 
the easybeans bootstrap or cxfListener should be registered as an extension? 
Perhaps I could set up an easybeans extension in cxf and try to deploy by 
way of cxf jaxws serverFactory, or equivalent? I would need help verifying 
correctness of JAX-WS Java code and xml config files and namespaces, 
and perhaps help with Maven setup, such as ?plugin setup? I think to set 
up a file without a parent would be best (if we go this direction) and to
all dependencies in that file. 
I sent 4 other messages btw., in case you didn't read them. 

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