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From Jim Ma <>
Subject Wrapped or Unwrapped
Date Thu, 05 May 2011 05:15:15 GMT
Hi all ,
Can not remember if we talked about this before, raise this question
again if we did.
If the schema element's type is RegistrationContext which contains an
extension ,should we map it to wrapped ?
   <complexType name="RegistrationContext">


         <extension base="types:RegistrationState">


               <element name="registrationHandle" type="xsd:string"/>





   <complexType name="RegistrationState">


         <element name="registrationState" type="xsd:base64Binary"

         <element name="scheduledDestruction" type="types:Lifetime"

         <element name="extensions" type="types:Extension"
minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>



There is no clue in jaxws spec to find out how this should be
processed. But I think it can be mapped to wrapped since
its base type does not break this two rules :
(iv) The elements referred to by the input and output message parts
(henceforth referred to as wrapper
     elements) are both complex types defined using the xsd:sequence compositor
 (v) The wrapper elements only contain child elements, they must not
contain other structures such as
     wildcards (element or attribute), xsd:choice, substitution groups
(element references are not per-
     mitted) or attributes; furthermore, they must not be nillable.

RI maps it to wrapped , we also need to fix this problem and map it to
wrapped too ?


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