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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: Expose MBeans in CXF
Date Thu, 12 May 2011 13:23:36 GMT
Hi Shenglin

Thanks for the update. Can you please copy the summary from the
previous email, where one possible approach going forward was
discussed and describe what you've done so far in context of that
summary ?
Looks like you are progressing well, however I'm not exactly sure what
exactly you are trying to do.

More comments inline

On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 1:53 PM, Shenglin Qiu <> wrote:
> Hi Sergey:
> I have tested my current code and these are working fine:
> http://localhost:8080/demoserver/jaxserver/jmxserver/port/%22UserServiceImpl%22
> http://localhost:8080/demoserver/jaxserver/jmxserver/type/Bus.Service.Endpoint
> I will work on this " sign which is %22 in the URL and try to remove it.

Please update us first on what you've done so far, why you are passing
"UserServiceImpl" as the final segment is unclear at the moment

> This is not working
> http://localhost:8080/demoserver/jaxserver/jmxserver/service/{}DJMXServer
> which is :
> http://localhost:8080/demoserver/jaxserver/jmxserver/service/%7B
> It simply return 404 error. I guess it's the restriction from CXF Rest inbound,

Well, I believe CXF 2.4.0 and CXF 2.3.5 have no problems at all with
handling all sort of encoded URIs, earlier versions had some issues
when matrix params were used or some specific characters were encoded.
So try the latest versions.
However, what I'd really encourage you to do is to make sure you
understand why the above is not working, by debugging the JAX-RS
runtime code and see what might be going wrong

> then I tried:
> http://localhost:8080/demoserver/jaxserver/jmxserver/service/service?{}DJMXServer
> http://localhost:8080/demoserver/jaxserver/jmxserver/service/service={}DJMXServer
> They didn't work neither. Because when = in request, it's still 404, and when ? in request,
I only get 'service' as the @PathParam in the input, the rest of the part is lost.

'?' identifies the start of the query component,  so that is not
captured, and please check why '=' is not working. Perhaps something
to do with @Path values ?

> So is there any way I can pass string like 'http://******' as a part of request in cxf?
Yes, pass it as a query parameter value, ex ?component=http://bar or
as the value of the path segment

> BTW, I will have the NDA ready this week.
it's ICLA

Please try to update the dev list at least twice per week and login to
#cxf if you have questions. We should be finalizing by now the
retrieval of MBean representations and start planning what to do next

Thanks, Sergey

> Thank you.
> Regards
> Shenglin Qiu

Sergey Beryozkin

Application Integration Division of Talend

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