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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: Expose MBeans in CXF
Date Tue, 31 May 2011 09:35:36 GMT
Hi Shenglin

Good progress, some comments below
> Function 1: (0 - 5 is continuous, no gap)
> Jmx Server:
> sub-resource locator
> http://localhost:8080/services/jmx/mbean/0
> http://localhost:8080/services/jmx/mbean/1

The id allocation (0, 1, etc) has to be thread safe

> Function 2:
> Note: search by, will be changed on every time server had been
> bounced.
> http://localhost:8080/services/jmx/objectname/,*
> ...
that is ok, a user does not have to specify them as you demonstrated
with queries like

> http://localhost:8080/services/jmx/objectname/org.apache.cxf:port=%22CustomerServiceImpl%22,*
I guess


should also work

> I am only now use 2 methods to fulfill:
> 1 method for service/{serivce}, port/{port}, type/{type}
> 1 method for objectname/{objectname}


> Due to the URL duplication with /mbean/{id}, I can't put
> {searchtype}/{query}, so I put things like:

Personally I'd  prefer to keep a URI as minimal as possible.


do not duplicate each other given that /mbean/{id} is more specific
than {searchtype}/{query}.
Likewise /objectname/{objectname} is more specific than
{searchtype}/{query}, so consider dropping /search/ part,
we may have a dedicated /search handler later on.

The other thing I forgot to mention, please remove all those
System.out.println, ping me please if you need some help with setting
up a remote debugging session

Thanks, Sergey

> Thank you so much!
> Regards:
> Shenglin Qiu

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