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From Shenglin Qiu <>
Subject GSoC - (CXF-3388) Expose CXF JMX MBeans as the JAX-RS resources
Date Sun, 03 Apr 2011 19:05:30 GMT

Proposal Title: Expose CXF JMX MBeans as the JAX-RS resources, CXF-3388

Student Name: Shenglin

Apache registered account alias: Travis

Student E-mail:


Phone: please email and will reply with it.

Project/Mission Description
Original Description CXF-3388:
The JAX-RS application exposing CXF JMX MBeans over HTTP needs to be added to the rt/management-web

My Abstract:
Add a web module with json or simple GET/POST string capability connecting to CXF inbound
server, return CXF JMX MBean info and display it on web page.
Please note: this is my initial understanding from the first round study, most probably, isn't
mature, but I am 100% willing to take engineers and mentors' ideas.

*Why This Project* 
I have been using Java, including core Java, Spring, Hibernate, Apache open sources, JSF,
Struts2, Vaadin, GWT in projects both professionally and academically around 3-4 years, I
have been using plain Javascript and Jquery professionally around 2 years. I am very comfortable
with the projects based on Java and Javascript.

Meanwhile, as a Java developer, I constantly involved in both front end and back end development,
from my past experiences on,,,, 2 major academic research projects(search engines' performance analysis)
by core java, I have gained all kinds of development/research knowledge. In all my development
memory, Apache open source is always the first dependency I need to add, it provides great
tools, such as String checking, credit card info checking are the 2 used most frequently.
CXF is the only one I would pick for light/middle weight web service development, I have studied
CXF and Axis2, and I feel CXF offers way better development approach, in terms of modern JEE
style, including the configuration xml style and integration with Spring. 

Apache Foundation is the first group I picked in GSoC, and when I see CXF, I feel so exited
and it must be the one I have to try to join. Meanwhile, after reading GSoC application principles,
I realize and understand the fact that this is not just for students who want to kill some
time in summer, it's a serious project with clear approaches and goals, everyone must take
their best efforts to get involved with. Therefore, I must wisely choose a GSoC project in
Apache with my current knowledge pool and comfortable programming language, in terms of maximizing
the chance to get enrolled. CXF-3388 fits perfectly with my target.

Proposal Timeline and Project Plan
Before April 18(GSOC application deadline):
    * Join CXF discussion group with related engineers, mentors.
    * Learn the final goal of this project, what it could be like and what CXF engineers and
mentors what it to be like.
    * Study CXF JMX MBean.
    * Discuss all necessary web approaches which could be used in this project, e.g. server
technology: plain servlet, Spring MVC, JSF, GWT.... / web container, jetty, tomcat....
    * Design the inbound server prototype which is with JMX MBean enabled.
    * Design the prototype of clients which is for testing purposes.
    * Discuss the look & feel in UI.

April 18 – Before the official coding time:
    * Finalize the project plan and developing schedule which must include a review/qa session
    * Build inbound prototype from the discussion results and gain experiences on this JMX
MBeans addon in CXF

Official coding period starts:
(If I was lucky enough to get enrolled, this section will be significantly grown and detailed
during the pre-step)
May - July
    * Coding
    * Keep in touching with relative CXF engineers, mentors, on design, and review.
July - Aug
    * QA
    * Code review
    * Documentation.

Personal Introduction
I have been using Java for academic research and work for about 3 years. I am currently a
computer engineering  student, and have F1 visa in US. (Visa status: F1, expiration data:
Aug 31, 2011, will have the chance to extend it to December 2011 if it's necessary).

Professional experiences:  Java developer     .Net developer 

Academic experiences:
Web data mining: explore the search ability of search engines (SUNY Binghamton University,
Mar, 08 – May, 09)
A meta-search engine for finding semiconductor devices (SUNY Binghamton University, Sep, 07
– Dec, 07)

I have good experiences in using cxf for ws outbound call and good practices in inbound server.
I think it's amazing if I could have this opportunity to make a further step.

Please feel free to contact me for further questions.

Above plans and ideas could be very 'junior', all suggestions, advices and helps are more
than welcomed.

Very appreciate anybody's reply at this moment.

Shenglin Qiu
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