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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: Fwd: GSoC: Integrate CXF JAX-RS with EJB
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2011 13:08:32 GMT

That is helpful, thanks, so Ryan might want to try EasyBeans as well.

Ryan - we will probably need an EJBResourceProvider implementation, similar
to JAXRS SpringResourceFactory (in the CXF JAX-RS frontend) which will do
what the InvokerFactory Guillaume has linked to does. JAXRSInvoker already
calls on ResourceProvider implementations to get and release the instances,
the release call can be postponed until after JAXRSOutInterceptor has
finished writing the data out

cheers, Sergey

On Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 1:55 PM, Guillaume Sauthier <> wrote:

> Hiu
> I don't know if this help but we have the same kind of glue in OW2 JOnAS
> where we integrate JAXWS/CXF with our EJB3 container (EasyBeans).
> Here is the package content:
> And more particularily the InvokerFactory
> Having a Factory concept was absolutely required because of the pool used
> in EJBs (get and release instances).
> and the Invoker if a really simple extension of the JAXWS default Invoker.
> Nothing very complicated.
> Cheers
> --G
> Le 08/04/2011 14:34, Sergey Beryozkin a écrit :
>  Forwarding to the dev list...
>> Do we actually have an EJB JAX-WS invoker on the trunk ? Ryan can
>> definitely
>> play with the JBossWS distribution, in order to get the idea of how the
>> CXF
>> EJBInvoker can be done, but I guess he does not even need to it, it is
>> probably can be regarded as a general FAQ ?
>> thanks, Sergey
>> Please checkout the CXF 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT trunk,
>> do
>> 'mvn install -Pfastinstall'
>> 'mvn -Psetup.eclipse'
>> then import the projects from the trunk.
>> cxf-rt-frontend-jaxrs is the module containing the JAX-RS impl.
>> Go to systests/jaxrs and debug one of the system tests, ex,
>> JAXRSClientServerBookTest (), update "launchServer(BookServer.class)" to
>> launchServer(BookServer.class, true)" and run one of the tests in the
>> debug
>> mode. Set breakpoints in JAXRSInInterceptor and JAXRSInvoker and see how
>> things work.
>> So one of the tasks is to get a better understanding of how CXF JAX-RS is
>> implemented. Check CXF JAX-RS docs.
>> Next: download an EJB3 app server, JBoss 6.0 Community Edition or
>> GlassFish.
>> With JBoss you can actually try their CXF EJBInvoker and see how EJBs are
>> exposed as SOAP WebServices and invoked upon; the task is understand how a
>> custom CXF EJB invoker can be created, creating a CXF JAX-RS invoker is
>> the
>> next stage, most likely it will be identical to the JAX-WS one.
>> Next: try this CXF JAX-RS invoker in practice by doing a simple demo/etc

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