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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Question for CXF developers - level of support for W3C SOAP/JMS specification
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2011 16:49:59 GMT
On Monday 18 April 2011 6:22:57 PM Eric Johnson wrote:
> > Looking at the test suite itself:
> >
> > va/org/apache/cxf/jms/testsuite/testcases
> Oh, excellent - I hadn't actually noticed where those were in the source
> tree. Looks like they moved slightly:
> ava/org/apache/cxf/jms/testsuite/services/

Yea.   The JMS stuff was split out a week or so ago to help reduce some build 
times and dependency things and such.   Glad you found it.   :-)

> > I do see some tests that are missing from the official suite:
> >
> > 
> > What I DON'T know is if the features tested by those tests are not
> > implemented in CXF or just not tested or possibly tested as part of one
> > of the other tests.    If anyone would like to fill those in, I'd be
> > happy to review and apply any patches.
> That, in and of itself is useful - some of those tests don't matter,
> because they don't address portions of the specification that are
> normative (we "demoted" the WSDL 2.0 support, because we didn't
> anticipate two interoperable versions.)
> I did a cross-reference on all those tests, and it looks like the one
> we're missing is Protocol-2070

Well, the good news is that I believe it is already supported.   If you look 
in method testReplyToNameParameters there are some tests for testing to make 
sure the topicReplyToName and such are properly set on the endpoint and the 
does parse those attributes.   Thus, I'm "pretty sure" it already works.  
Obviously a real test would be great.  :-)

Daniel Kulp
Talend -

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