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From Aki Yoshida <>
Subject Re: Adding value to WS-RM feature
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2011 12:59:19 GMT
Hi Dennis,
I don't know what you are exactly intending to do. Does this mean we
are going to have the WS-RM 1.1?

My understanding was that the current CXF WS-RM implementation used
the 2004/08 WSA NS (or in other words, it internally uses the 2005/08
WSA NS but converts it to the 2004/08 WSA version before
serialization) to conform to the WS-RM 1.0 spec (the earlier version
published in February 2005) that specifies the use of the 2004/08 WSA

There is this method in WS-RM to downgrade the WSA NS before
serialization. If you provides an option to turn off this downgrading,
you can get the 2005/08 WSA NS serialized. But I think switching the
WSA NS to the 2005/08 verison without actually talking WS-RM 1.1.
isn't the right thing.

If you let me know your intention and tell me something that I can do,
I will be glad to contribute.


Regadrs, aki

2011/3/24 Dennis Sosnoski <>:
> I'm trying to add an addressing namespace value to the WS-RM feature
> configuration, to allow switching to the recommendation namespace (since
> using the submission namespace makes WS-RM fail interoperability with other
> implementations). I'd like to have something like this:
> <wsrm-mgr:reliableMessaging>
>               ...
> <wsrm-mgr:addressingNamespace></wsrm-mgr:addressingNamespace>
>              ...
> </wsrm-mgr:reliableMessaging>
> but I can't seem to get this (or variations) to work. Adding the element to
> wsrm-manager-types.xsd and wsrm-manager.xsd and rebuilding doesn't make
> anything obvious happen. How do I do this?
>  - Dennis
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> Dennis M. Sosnoski
> Java SOA and Web Services Consulting <>
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