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From Andrzej Michalec <>
Subject Re: SeachConditionBuilder for CXF JAX-RS clients
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2011 11:52:50 GMT
> Actually, I added a test to the JAXRSAtomPushLoggingSpringTest which
> searches the log records using the queries like 'level==INFO,level==WARN'.
> And for that to work I had to make the change to FIQLParser to ensure that
> SimpleSearchCondition was only initialized with the map of properties
> which
> were specified in the query given that LogRecord has the dozen (or so :-))
> of other properties. Thus I'm not sure why to fail the match if the
> property, even it is primitive, is not even checked ?
> Are you saying you are ok with reverting the change ? If yes then +1.

Sergey, all I am saying is I need to change the implementation a bit. After
that I will revert/re-enable tests to have everything working as it should

> SearchConditionBuilder will be part of the 2.4 release so it will be a new
> feature, or may be rather the enhancement toward making the search feature
> more complete as it will facilitate using FIQL on the client side...

Agreed. I just asked when it is planned. Despite the date I will make this
fix ASAP ;)

> May be we can make SearchConditionBuilder an abstract class? Have an
> internal FiqlSearchConditionBuilder as the default instance ...

Yeap, you have just verbalized what I wanted to do.


PS. what do you think about Robert's suggestion on usecases map? Shall we
have separate thread on this?

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