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From Hadrian Zbarcea <>
Subject Re: [CONF] Apache CXF > Commercial CXF Offerings
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2011 15:52:46 GMT
Eric, I am still trying to decide if you are serious or just fooling around. 
I thought we clarified this in private. Public is fine too. Comments inline.

If I come across as upset, I am!


On Feb 3, 2011, at 10:14 AM, Eric Johnson wrote:

> I agree with Dan and Glenn. Commercial support makes CXF stronger and
> provides a way for active committers (and some inactive one as well)
> to earn a living while doing what they love doing.
Good so far.

> Letting companies put up some marketing blurb on the support page
> and/or on a dedicated Commercial Offering page does not hurt as long
> as it is clearly marked as commercial.
Wrong. On your company site you can write what you want, on the ASF site, not so. Regardless
of how you mark it.

> As for allowing marketing statements that are more truthy than true, I
> don't think it is a big deal.Who really cares if FuseSource, Talend,
> and MuleSource all claim to have the most active committers or PMC
> members. It doesn't make their offering any better or take away from
> the strength of the CXF community. Besides we can police statements
> like that and remove them if we so choose - as long as it is done
> consistently.
But it is a big deal. Write whatever you want on the fusesource site and link back to the
apache project if you want to.
Adding a link back from the apache site to your site and mention that you offer support or
whatever other service, that's fine.
You have the "Commercial CXF Offerings" page for that. Ads, marketing statements are not fine.
You can also add links back to your blog, fine too.

I agree that it doesn't make company offering any better or any worse, but that has nothing
to do with the apache project, make your statements on your site, but not on the apache site
just because it has more traffic, or whatever the reason.
There are companies who offer free licenses to commercial products for apache committers and
what they appreciate in return (don't make it a condition) is a link back on a Thanks page.
Just because one is entrusted to edit the wiki doesn't mean one can abuse.

Policing statements? Is that the reason you wanted to become a proud apache committer, to
police the wiki?
We expect self policing. When things are not clear, we clarify them.

> Since there are now at least three decent size companies offering
> commercial products based on CXF we should work out a policy about
> where companies can put links back to their sites and list their
> offerings. It would make it easier for companies to know what the line
> is so they can avoid crossing it.
I think that's pretty clear already. 

> On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 11:10 PM, Glen Mazza <> wrote:
>> OK, fine, providing they can link to such horn tooting pages from the
>> support site.  Open source supporting companies hire marketing reps and I
>> have no problem with them enticing users into getting commercial support.
>>  It's good for the community.  CXF cannot survive on arrogant inactive
>> committers alone.
>> Glen
>> On 02.02.2011 22:28, Jeff Genender wrote:
>>> -1... what is reputable?  Who decides who is "reputable"?  Am I reputable?
>>> Apache is not about tooting your own horn.  Go back to your respective
>>> company and have them purchase press releases and advertise on their sites.
>>>  Apache is not a locale for horn tooting.
>>> Jeff
>>> On Feb 2, 2011, at 7:23 PM, Glen Mazza wrote:
>>>> Unless it is blatant lies (i.e., non-reputable companies), I say let the
>>>> companies do a little bit of advertising on the Support page, even if they
>>>> contradict each other or embellish a bit.  We want users to choose support,
>>>> because it results in more hired people working on the projects.  Let the
>>>> support page be the "toot your own horn" page and instead enforce
>>>> non-advertising throughout the rest of the manual, where everything does
>>>> need to be strictly factual.
>>>> Keeping a loose leash on the Support page also helps minimize strife
>>>> between teams.
>>>> In Manhattan there might be 300 places to buy pizza, about 75 of which
>>>> claim to be "New York's Best Pizza!"  That's just advertising, it doesn't
>>>> need to be taken seriously.
>>>> Glen
>>>> On 02.02.2011 20:50, Daniel Kulp wrote:
>>>>> Someone is paying attention... cool.  :-)
>>>>> On Wednesday 02 February 2011 8:27:38 pm Benson Margulies wrote:
>>>>>> Do we need to have these dueling claims for who employs how many
>>>>>> committers / PMC members? Could we persuade both Talend and FUSE
>>>>>> just say 'committers, get your red hot committers!'
>>>>> I'm in the process of cleaning things up a bit.   I've been chatting
>>>>> with
>>>>> various people on the trademark committee as well as others and one
>>>>> "concern"
>>>>> that has been expressed with some projects is project sites being used
>>>>> as
>>>>> marketing vehicles for specific commercial offerings and products.
>>>>> The
>>>>> guideline I got was:
>>>>> --------------------
>>>>> PMCs can choose to have "these companies support our product" pages if
>>>>> they want.  But they have to be factual, non-advertisements; should be
>>>>> in specific places on the project's site; and must not be exclusive
>>>>> (i.e. any other reputable company needs to be able to request to add
>>>>> links as well).
>>>>> --------------------
>>>>> Step one was just to copy the information and localize it all to a
>>>>> specific
>>>>> page.     Step two is the "factual, non-advertisement" part.
>>>>> Dan
>>>>>> On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 8:23 PM,<>   wrote:
>>>>>>> Commercial CXF Offerings
>>>>>>> Page added by Daniel Kulp
>>>>>>> Commercial CXF Offerings
>>>>>>> Apache CXF is a widely used project. As such several companies
>>>>>>> build
>>>>>>> products and services around CXF. This page is dedicated to providing
>>>>>>> descriptions of those offerings. Companies are definitely encouraged
>>>>>>> to
>>>>>>> update this page directly or send a mail to the CXF PMC with
>>>>>>> description of your offerings and we can update the page. The
>>>>>>> and services listed on this page are provided for information
use only
>>>>>>> to our users. The CXF PMC does not endorse or recommend any of
>>>>>>> products or services on this page.
>>>>>>> FuseSource
>>>>>>> FuseSource offers enterprise subscriptions that include Enterprise
>>>>>>> Developer and Production Support on ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF and
>>>>>>> ServiceMix
>>>>>>> - including Training, Consulting&   Mentoring. They also
employ most
>>>>>>> of
>>>>>>> the core committers on the projects to ensure you get the best
>>>>>>> possible
>>>>>>> answers to all your support needs and your bugs fixed fast.
>>>>>>> MuleSoft
>>>>>>> MuleSoft provides support for Apache CXF as a part of its Mule
>>>>>>> enterprise
>>>>>>> subscription offering. Mule is a popular open source ESB and
>>>>>>> integration
>>>>>>> platform, with support for SOAP web services, as well as REST,
>>>>>>> File
>>>>>>> and over 100+ additional transports.
>>>>>>> Sosnoski Software Associates Ltd
>>>>>>> Sosnoski Software Associates Ltd provides training and support
>>>>>>> CXF,
>>>>>>> along with training and support for web services security and
>>>>>>> based
>>>>>>> on CXF.
>>>>>>> Talend
>>>>>>> Talend provides enterprise level services and support for Apache
>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>> their Talend Service Factory product which is a repackaging of
>>>>>>> including a full, pre-configured OSGi runtime container. Talend
>>>>>>> has
>>>>>>> a package of examples that demonstrate many of CXF's advanced
>>>>>>> including JAX-RS use cases, OSGi deployments, Security, etc...
>>>>>>> also employs the leading CXF committers that are experts in all
>>>>>>> of
>>>>>>> CXF including JAX-RS, JAX-WS, WS-Security, etc... to make sure
>>>>>>> bugs
>>>>>>> and issues can be resolved quickly and accurately.
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