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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: LogBrowser project is on the trunk
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2011 11:34:48 GMT
Hi Tomasz
>>>> 1. LogBrowser has a showstopper bug which I'm sure is due to the fact we
>>>> just did not look at it for a while :-). Basically, when I go and generate
>>>> the logs, and then click 'refresh' on the endpoint, the browser reports an
>>>> exception.
> I can't reproduce this (however it doesn't mean that there isn't bug ;) ).
> To solidify my understanding, use case:
> 1) Run 'logbrowser' through sample;
> 2) Go to 'http://localhost:9002/log/browser/LogBrowser.html';
> 3) Add new endpoint with URL 'http://localhost:9002/log/logs';
> 4) Select newly created endpoint;
> 5) In new tab open 'http://localhost:9002/customer-service.html' and
> add few 'customers';
> 6) Go back to 'logbrowser';
> 6) Click 'refresh' link;
> Expected:
> List is refreshed and new items are shown.
> Environment:
> Firefox 3.6.x
> Is this use case correct? Thanks for your help.

It is, I'll try again asap - definitely looks like a platform/browser
specific issue, it's Ubuntu 9 + FireFox 3.6.13 which I upgraded to
recently using the apt-get facility...So I'm not worried really then,
but I'll try again, and on Windows too...

> Maybe try with force refresh (i.e. "Ctrl + R"). However I have to add
> revision number to static resources URL to avoid cache problems.
>> this is is the only main issue at the moment
>>>> 2. Please move ManageEndpoints button either immediately above or below the
>>>> Filter button
>>> You mean something similar to "original" layout - "Manage endpoint" is
>>> "attached" to the bottom of the page?
>> I'm thinking that given we have a Filter button in the bottom of the
>> left-side pane, it would be ok to have both 'Manage Endpoints' and
>> 'Filters' co-located...
>>>> 3. Remove the Tasks and Endpoints buttons/entries, lets have it the way you
>>>> did it originally. We only need to  see the list of endpoints which will
>>>> added via "ManageEndpoints", the explorer style is just too complex.
>>>> 4. When I go to ManageEndpoints, "Sign Out" leaks into the new panel and
>>>> overlaps with the "Settings" entry,
> Fixed.


>>> Looks like 2, 3, 4 are layout problems... I have to clean up this. At
>>> the moment we are using mix of CSS and "table layout". I'm not CSS
>>> expert so I will fix it by moving problematic parts to "table layout".
> I noticed that when you use latest Chrome or Safari, list of logs and
> detailed view isn't shown. I consider this as a blocker. I will
> prepare fix for this ASAP.

May be it's somehow related to what I see with the application
exception above...

What I will need to do is to provide an abstract utility
ReadableStorage implementation which can be easily overridden to have
the file-based logs viewable. I don't think we can make LogBrowser
perfect and feature-complete by the 2.4.0 is released, but hope users
will give it a try anyway...

Few other "would be nice to fix" issues - definitely not show stoppers :
- LogBrowser has the 'embedded' providers, one for servicing the
gzipped file and another one for unqualified JSON, this would be nice
to move to the demo's Application (JSONProvider can be configured
directly to drop the namespaces) - I can look into it
- Authentication: I've noticed there's AuthenticationRequired
annotation attached to some of the BootstrapStorage methods - we
really need to remove this annotation and for now just pop-up a login
window on the browser start-up.
Users will be configuring the LogBrowser application as part of the
real deployments. So what would be good is to write the GWT client
code such that it only pops up a window  when the initial GET returns
401 - can you use CXF WebClient there and do 'Response r =
webClient.get()' and if r.getStatus() == 401 then pop-up a login
dialog ? We can deal with this issue later, when we have more time,
and then we'll also decide whether to support https in cases when the
authentication is needed or may be do the UT profile, we'll see...

Thanks, Sergey.

> --
> Best regards,
> Tomasz Oponowicz

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