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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: LogBrowser project is on the trunk
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2011 09:50:45 GMT
Hi Tomasz

It's really nice to hear from you again :-)

>> Here is the initial list  of issues which I need some help with :
>> 1. LogBrowser has a showstopper bug which I'm sure is due to the fact we
>> just did not look at it for a while :-). Basically, when I go and generate
>> the logs, and then click 'refresh' on the endpoint, the browser reports an
>> exception.

this is is the only main issue at the moment
>> 2. Please move ManageEndpoints button either immediately above or below the
>> Filter button
> You mean something similar to "original" layout - "Manage endpoint" is
> "attached" to the bottom of the page?

I'm thinking that given we have a Filter button in the bottom of the
left-side pane, it would be ok to have both 'Manage Endpoints' and
'Filters' co-located...

>> 3. Remove the Tasks and Endpoints buttons/entries, lets have it the way you
>> did it originally. We only need to  see the list of endpoints which will be
>> added via "ManageEndpoints", the explorer style is just too complex.
>> 4. When I go to ManageEndpoints, "Sign Out" leaks into the new panel and
>> overlaps with the "Settings" entry,
> Looks like 2, 3, 4 are layout problems... I have to clean up this. At
> the moment we are using mix of CSS and "table layout". I'm not CSS
> expert so I will fix it by moving problematic parts to "table layout".

Please give it a try. The left pane has the "Explorer" title which is
fine, but then the actual space is a bit 'busy', it would be nice to
have a list of endpoints there only, with the 'Manage Endpoints' and
'Filters' being collapsed in the bottom of the pane...

>> 5. In ManageEndpoints please change "back to browse" to "Back to Explorer"
> Fixed.

I've seen the merge - and I know now how to do it too :-)
>> 6. We will need to think what to do with the jscript library added to the
>> demo - we will have to link to its via remore URI or simple do a simpler
>> plain HTML form - not a priority right now.

If linking to the remote jscript.js proves to be problematic then I
can just introduce a CXF JAX-WS & JAX-RS client invoking in the
endpoint and generating the logs. Or we can have a plain form without
trying to analyze the response...

thanks, Sergey

>> Hope it's not a big list :-). We will catch up on the GWT dev a bit and I
>> also hope other users with the GWT experience contribute in time. What I
>> will do before 2.4 is look at the browser code and see what I can refactor
>> but also add some helpers to the AtomPullServer so that users can use it for
>> reading from the existing file logs...
>> Thanks, Sergey
> --
> Best regards,
> Tomasz Oponowicz

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