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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: [onlist is fine!] Re: [offlist] Re: SOAP over JMS and CXF.
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2011 16:33:32 GMT
Hi All

I honestly don't understand why this thread hasn't died out yet.
IMHO (after rereading for the 3 time) what was meant to be a subtle
though a bit too over-elaborate remark involving the reference to the
Russian Tsar and the not so healthy core and which I read as an
attempt to protect the role of CXF in the SOAP-over-JMS thread, ended
up being seen nearly as a personal attack on Bill or RestEasy.

While a better phrase could've been used or simply not used at all, I
think the reference to the core needs to be taken in the context of
the phrase. I'm nearly sure there's some business book out there which
uses phrases like that. I misread his comment during the first read
and I didn't pay any attention to the number of RestEasy JIRAs
mentioned by Glen. RestEasy is a big and successful project and we all
know it's used extensively.

Glen shown a lot of respect to Bill by reviewing his book, and running
all the samples against RestEasy and contributing to the project by
creating JIRAs.


On Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 1:53 AM, Glen Mazza <> wrote:
> You don't have to go off-list for this, Jeff.  Besides my emails[1] aren't
> that bad, hardly trolling.  There was no malice in what I had written (for I
> have a significant amount of respect for Bill), it was just meant as a
> playful kick back at Bill at 8:01am this morning at what I misperceived as a
> snarky dig at CXF (and as Bill later showed, he was more than able to kick
> back in return).  We all overstep slightly now and then, this is the dev
> list.
> Glen
> [1]
> On 2/25/2011 11:51 AM, Jeff Genender wrote:
>> Glenn,
>> Whats up with the trolling on the lists?  You have been rubbing folks the
>> wrong way and taking shots at people and its getting rather disheartening.
>> Glenn, my personal statement to you is a request to stop the pot shots as it
>> makes this project look ghetto.  I'm CCing Dan since he is the PMC chair as
>> I think he needs to keep an eye on this.
>> Also, I recommend that you get yourself a gmail email address because
>> taking shots on the list with a address doesn't give your company
>> good credence as a representative.
>> Please chill out and breathe before pushing the send button.  Feel free to
>> hit me up on IRC if you need to discuss.
>> Thanks,
>> Jeff
>> On Feb 25, 2011, at 8:01 AM, Glen Mazza wrote:
>>> Bill, I'm all for plugging but if you could spend some time on fixing
>>> the five (rather simple) RESTEasy bugs I reported (RESTEAST-494, 495,
>>> 496, 497, and 502) over a month ago, among the 109 you presently have
>>> open and unresolved, that would also be good. As the Russian Czar
>>> learned during WWI, it's not good to go too much on the offensive when
>>> things are rotting out at home.
>>> Glen
>>> On 2/25/2011 8:47 AM, Bill Burke wrote:
>>>> That's great but what if your client isn't Java?  Download a SOAP stack
>>>> and pray its compatible with CXF?
>>>> Simple HTTP calls are far superior, more lightweight, and easier to
>>>> code.  Seriously, check out what we've done with the HornetQ REST
>>>> interface.  Specifically the Javascript and Python examples.  You'll see
>>>> that zero library downloads and minimal code is all that is required to
>>>> interface with a fully featured messaging API.
>>>> I'm sorry to plug our stuff here, but, I have to spread the word
>>>> whenever I see somebody interested in HTTP + messaging.
>>>> On 2/24/11 8:23 PM, Willem Jiang wrote:
>>>>> CXF JMS transport supports JMS URI which is part of JMS over SOAP spec
>>>>> out of box. I think you can use it with JAXRS frontend without any
>>>>> trouble.
>>>>> 2011/2/24, robert<>:
>>>>>> CXF supports SOAP over JMS;
>>>>>> Should the bindings and service extensions defined by this spec be
>>>>>> better suited in a supported WSDL or WADL?
>>>>>> I assume WADL as supported by CXF?
>>>>>> Thanks!
>>> --
>>> Glen Mazza
>>> Software Engineer, Talend (
>>> blog:
> --
> Glen Mazza
> Software Engineer, Talend (
> blog:

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