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From James Carr <>
Subject Re: How to consume JMS services
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2011 17:18:43 GMT
AMQP as the protocol rather than propietary JMS. I'd prefer JSON as
the format, but XML works too. The important thing on my part is that
in java/python/nodejs land I should't care whatsoever on the format
all I care about is that I called a method on a proxied interface in
java and "magically" got the same object in my python or nodejs apps
bound to the same AMQP broker. :)

Last night I actually did some hacks at transforming JAXRS311
annotations to bind to AMQP queues/exchanges and use @Paths as routing
keys, buit we'll see how it goes.


On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 11:14 AM, Bill Burke <> wrote:
> you mean using AMQP as a marshalling format?
> On 2/28/11 10:29 AM, James Carr wrote:
>> Even more important... REST over AMQP will be the superior choice in
>> the future imho. Small messages shared between java and non java
>> consumers. FTW! :)
>> On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 8:55 AM, Bill Burke<>  wrote:
>>> On 2/28/11 6:10 AM, Sergey Beryozkin wrote:
>>>> Bill,
>>>> I'm starting a new thread...
>>>> Comments inline.
>>>>> I think its fair to suggest to somebody asking about JMS integration
>>>>> solutions other than CXF.  We encourage such posts on resteasy mail
>>>>> list.
>>> Especially since hornetq rest can be consumed by CXF.
>>>> Sure - unless we reckon we can provide something meaningful at the CXF
>>>> level ?
>>> FYI, I've tried very very hard to minimalize, lessen, remove the
>>> requirement
>>> or need for a specific client framework or stack other than HTTP to
>>> consume
>>> hornetq's REST interface.  IMO, anybody writing a REST interface should
>>> make
>>> similar efforts.  Because, otherwise, what's the point?
>>> I also think we have to be very very careful from a REST framework
>>> perspective to avoid marrying/coupling our frameworks to a developer's
>>> application.  Once you've created the requirement for a framework to be
>>> installed both on the client and server, you've done something wrong.
>>> All this is why I piped in when somebody asked about JMS integration.
>>> Because I believe really strongly about the above.  SOAP+JMS is really a
>>> consideration only for cross-language/platform interoperability.  REST,
>>> IMO,
>>> is a superior approach because of the reasons listed above.  Since CXF is
>>> now embracing REST through its JAX-RS implementation, alternatives to
>>> SOAP-based approaches should be suggested and encouraged, at least by the
>>> REST guys at CXF ;)
>>>> P.S. Bill - you are welcome to contribute and challenge us on the dev
>>>> list. Sorry if the previous thread caused you some grief :-). I
>>>> believe no-one meant anything more than just a protective remark. It
>>>> is obvious now it turned out to be a highly controversial one but hope
>>>> such a seasoned professional as you are can accept the attempted
>>>> clarifications and apologies which followed :-)
>>> My "grief" usually doesn't last more than 2 seconds and I've received
>>> much
>>> much worse grief before.  If I was more professional, and I'm not, I
>>> would
>>> have just ignored Glen's comments.  Instead, I just couldn't resist the
>>> urge
>>> to tweak him, for that I apologize.
>>> --
>>> Bill Burke
>>> JBoss, a division of Red Hat
> --
> Bill Burke
> JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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