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From Craig Tataryn <>
Subject Re: Abusive/harrassing off-list emails
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2011 14:21:46 GMT
I'm still waiting to see one of the "abusive" emails you speak of Glen.  So far you just kind
of come off as a goof.

And enough with the "inactive" jabs, Jeff's paid his dues. You don't question a Sensei's belt
just because you weren't around when he was competing.


On 2011-02-27, at 2:10 AM, Glen Mazza <> wrote:

> Yes, warning shots prior to sending are fair.  I just don't want people intimidated from
going public if they feel they need to.  This is an ASF-wide issue, not just a CXF one.
> Glen
> On 2/27/2011 2:52 AM, Christian Schneider wrote:
>> Hi Glen,
>> as a last resort this may be a way to go. My advice is to fire a warning
>> shot before sending to the list. If someone is harrassing you off list
>> then a correct way of handling this is sending him a mail that you do
>> not want to communicate with him off list and that you will forward any
>> future rude mail to the list. Then he can not expect that any further
>> communication is private.
>> What do you think?
>> I do not want to judge what happened between Jeff and you as I do not
>> know all the details. So I can only ask both of you to try to bring this
>> back to a normal level.
>> Christian
>> Am 27.02.2011 08:31, schrieb Glen Mazza:
>>> Folks, if Jeff Genender--or anyone else--is sending any other
>>> committers hateful or harrassing emails behind-the-scenes like what I
>>> got below from him on Friday, feel free to forward the email directly
>>> to the cxf-dev list for all to see.  No committer has the right to be
>>> harrassing other committers behind-the-scenes and insisting on
>>> anonymity while doing so.
>>> Further, all charges made behind-the-scenes by Jeff to another
>>> committer can be taken to the dev list, *if* desired by the person
>>> receiving the charge, in order to properly air out and defend himself
>>> against the charge, possibly with the help of other team members.
>>> Contrary to what Jeff is implying below, you are always most welcome
>>> to go public on charges made privately against you if doing so helps
>>> you defend yourself against the charge.  You do not need Jeff's
>>> permission to go public on charges he decides to press against you
>>> privately.
>>> Finally, contrary to how he may arrogantly act, Jeff is a mostly
>>> inactive committer on the CXF project, and has no special ranking or
>>> standing on the team compared to any other CXF committer.  His ASF
>>> membership does not grant him additional powers to be judging people
>>> behind the scenes or to magically strip people of their
>>> committership.  Do not be cowed by his threats, whether implicit or
>>> direct, as I received from him below.
>>> Regards,
>>> Glen
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