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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: Fwd: [offlist again and no, onlist is not fine!] Re: [onlist is fine!] Re: [offlist] Re: SOAP over JMS and CXF.
Date Sat, 26 Feb 2011 09:49:53 GMT
Hi Glen,

I can understand that Jeff first sent you a private mail to tell you he 
disaproved the tone of your mail.
I use the same practice at work. If I donĀ“t like someones actions and it 
is a rather personal thing for me then I will not do
it in front of the team. Instead I meet with him in private and expect 
things said there to be kept in private.

I know that in open source communities some rules are different but 
sometimes things that work offline are also valid
for the online case.

Just my 2cent


Am 26.02.2011 05:03, schrieb Glen Mazza:
> Jeff, I do not want you to send me any more emails off list, under any
> circumstances.  If you have a problem with any email I send, send it
> directly to the dev list.  If others agree with you, I'll go along with
> it, and apologize, as I did earlier today.  If others disagree with you,
> OK, then maybe you are going overboard.  That's it!  There's no reason
> to go off list.
> I just don't want to receive off-the-list emails from you.  Period.
> Glen

Christian Schneider
CXF and Camel Architect
SOPERA - The Application Integration Division of Talend

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