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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Fwd: [offlist again and no, onlist is not fine!] Re: [onlist is fine!] Re: [offlist] Re: SOAP over JMS and CXF.
Date Sat, 26 Feb 2011 04:03:30 GMT
Jeff, I do not want you to send me any more emails off list, under any 
circumstances.  If you have a problem with any email I send, send it 
directly to the dev list.  If others agree with you, I'll go along with 
it, and apologize, as I did earlier today.  If others disagree with you, 
OK, then maybe you are going overboard.  That's it!  There's no reason 
to go off list.

I just don't want to receive off-the-list emails from you.  Period.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	[offlist again and no, onlist is not fine!] Re: [onlist is 
fine!] Re: [offlist] Re: SOAP over JMS and CXF.
Date: 	Sat, 26 Feb 2011 04:11:50 +0100
From: 	Jeff Genender <>
To: 	Glen Mazza <>
CC: 	Daniel Kulp <>

Hi Glen!

You are right, I didn't have to go off list.  I sent you the private email out of respect
to you.  But that clearly was all for naught - what an idiot I am, eh? ;-)  I guess I really
didn't need to be too concerned about you getting your dirty laundry aired in the public as
you did a fine job of doing that yourself.  What you fail to realize is that Google has a
way of not forgetting certain things... and unfortunately it will be to your detriment and
loss.  But, no worries, you did this by your own accord and I can at least look in the mirror
knowing that I at least tried to do the right thing ;-)

Additionally, I also try to make it a point not to post private emails w/o all parties' permission
(thats kind of an unwritten law at Apache as well as personal respect), but I am also careful
to be sure that what I do say privately is nothing that will reflect on me or come back to
bite me in the culo... I'm sure you remember the Wikileaks debacle ;-)

Unfortunately, your "overstepping" has occurred more than just today, Glen, and you need to
get your respect for the community in check and watch what you write [2].  You have been called
out a couple of times by the PMC chair which is a red flag that you are acting out of sorts.
 I don't know what is going on in your personal life, but you need to keep your issues from
damaging the CXF community.

So I am personally asking you as a CXF community member to please check yourself and if you
need to have a tantrum, bring it offlist or into the PMC or maybe to your employer and we
can take care of it there.  Your out-lashing and disrespect for others is not appropriate
behavior and it hurts our community.  Lets move along, shall we?



On Feb 25, 2011, at 6:53 PM, Glen Mazza wrote:

>  You don't have to go off-list for this, Jeff.  Besides my emails[1] aren't that bad,
hardly trolling.  There was no malice in what I had written (for I have a significant amount
of respect for Bill), it was just meant as a playful kick back at Bill at 8:01am this morning
at what I misperceived as a snarky dig at CXF (and as Bill later showed, he was more than
able to kick back in return).  We all overstep slightly now and then, this is the dev list.
>  Glen
>  [1]
>  On 2/25/2011 11:51 AM, Jeff Genender wrote:
>>  Glenn,
>>  Whats up with the trolling on the lists?  You have been rubbing folks the wrong
way and taking shots at people and its getting rather disheartening. Glenn, my personal statement
to you is a request to stop the pot shots as it makes this project look ghetto.  I'm CCing
Dan since he is the PMC chair as I think he needs to keep an eye on this.
>>  Also, I recommend that you get yourself a gmail email address because taking shots
on the list with a address doesn't give your company good credence as a representative.
>>  Please chill out and breathe before pushing the send button.  Feel free to hit me
up on IRC if you need to discuss.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Jeff
>>  On Feb 25, 2011, at 8:01 AM, Glen Mazza wrote:
>>>  Bill, I'm all for plugging but if you could spend some time on fixing
>>>  the five (rather simple) RESTEasy bugs I reported (RESTEAST-494, 495,
>>>  496, 497, and 502) over a month ago, among the 109 you presently have
>>>  open and unresolved, that would also be good. As the Russian Czar
>>>  learned during WWI, it's not good to go too much on the offensive when
>>>  things are rotting out at home.
>>>  Glen
>>>  On 2/25/2011 8:47 AM, Bill Burke wrote:
>>>>  That's great but what if your client isn't Java?  Download a SOAP stack
>>>>  and pray its compatible with CXF?
>>>>  Simple HTTP calls are far superior, more lightweight, and easier to
>>>>  code.  Seriously, check out what we've done with the HornetQ REST
>>>>  interface.  Specifically the Javascript and Python examples.  You'll see
>>>>  that zero library downloads and minimal code is all that is required to
>>>>  interface with a fully featured messaging API.
>>>>  I'm sorry to plug our stuff here, but, I have to spread the word
>>>>  whenever I see somebody interested in HTTP + messaging.
>>>>  On 2/24/11 8:23 PM, Willem Jiang wrote:
>>>>>  CXF JMS transport supports JMS URI which is part of JMS over SOAP spec
>>>>>  out of box. I think you can use it with JAXRS frontend without any
>>>>>  trouble.
>>>>>  2011/2/24, robert<>:
>>>>>>  CXF supports SOAP over JMS;
>>>>>>  Should the bindings and service extensions defined by this spec
>>>>>>  better suited in a supported WSDL or WADL?
>>>>>>  I assume WADL as supported by CXF?
>>>>>>  Thanks!
>>>  -- 
>>>  Glen Mazza
>>>  Software Engineer, Talend (
>>>  blog:
>  -- 
>  Glen Mazza
>  Software Engineer, Talend (
>  blog:

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