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From Bill Burke <>
Subject Re: SOAP over JMS and CXF.
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2011 17:04:23 GMT
On 2/25/11 10:51 AM, Sergey Beryozkin wrote:
> In your opinion, why would such (Java) users prefer an HTTP centric
> interface for consuming messages backed up by JMS stores, when they
> just can do plain Java JMS ?
> What do you think ?

(Remember you asked what I think so....)

I don't think people should use CXF nor Resteasy nor SOAP if their 
environment is all Java.  As you said, use native Java JMS protocols.

The benefit of using a Messaging RESTful interface is for, IMO, to 
provide lightweight inter-language/platform support.  If you check out 
the HornetQ rest examples, specifically Python ones, you'll see they use 
the built in http client that comes with the language and nothing else.

Through content-negotiation and JAX-RS providers we also support 
transformation of JMS client sent Java objects into the representation 
the REST client desires.  And vice versa, unmarshalling of 
representations to Java objects using JAX-RS.

As a side note, I'll eventually be pulling out the API into a 
specification.  Probably submitting it as an Internet Draft at IETF so 
we can leverage a neutral and respected entity's specification process. 
  That way, anybody could implement and support it.

>>> I'm sorry to plug our stuff here, but, I have to spread the word
>>> whenever I see somebody interested in HTTP + messaging.
> If people using HornetQ as a messaging solution could plugin CXF
> JAX-RS to back up your interface then I'd be the first one who would
> blog about it and promote it. On CXF lists we discuss CXF-based issues
> or solutions.

HornetQ REST could probably be ported quite easily to CXF as most of it 
is pure JAX-RS (minus config and the client framework).  Honestly, from 
the client perspective it has nothing to do with CXF or Resteasy.  The 
client is free and encouraged to use any HTTP client framework in any 
language they desire.

I think its fair to suggest to somebody asking about JMS integration 
solutions other than CXF.  We encourage such posts on resteasy mail 
list.  For example, I always defer to Jersey regardings WADL as I have 
zero interest in implementing or supporting it.

I'll shut up now, unless you want to talk more about JMS/REST/Messaging 

Bill Burke
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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