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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject ExtensionManagerBus now feature complete....
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2011 00:35:55 GMT

I just made a gigantic commit to trunk which pretty much completes the  
ExtensionManagerBus.    With what I committed (not sure if I'll keep it this 
way), if there is no Spring config detected and no spring parent context, it 
now creates an ExtensionManagerBus instead of the Spring bus.   Obviously, 
that broke a TON of things as a lot of functionality was not available on the 
ExtensionManagerBus.   Pretty much none of the WS-Policy related things were 
available, none of the WS-RM things, a couple of the transports, etc...

I then went through and defines the extensions for everything, cleaned up the 
ExtensionManager to make it work better, etc...   Now, all the tests that 
don't use Spring configuration now pass.    Anyway, for those people NOT using 
Spring, this may affect behavior.  Previously, the WS-Policy things in the 
wsdl would be ignored.   Now they will be in affect.   

Benson: at ApacheCon, you profiled the startup and discovered issues with the 
XML loading of properties.   I also eliminated ALL of those.  Thus, that 
should no longer be any sort of hot spot.   If you get a few minutes, you 
might want to try 2.4.0-snapshot and see if it fixes the issues you saw.

Daniel Kulp

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