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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Website publishing changes....
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2011 20:24:28 GMT

Since Benson outed this on the dev@ws list, I might as well mention it 

As some of you know, Apache INFRA is not exactly happy with the current 
autoexport solution that is being used to export the CXF site and docs to the 
static HTML files that are served from the live site.   There are a lot of 
issues with it, some of which I do actually consider valid.   At some point 
this year, they do plan on turning off the autoexport capabilities of our 
Confluence install.     By that point the projects hosting their sites from 
Confluence need to have found a different solution.  (and, of course, they 
recommend their new markdown based CMS, which I'm not happy with.)

A couple weeks ago, I did some work to write an external program that uses the 
Confluence SOAP interface to do the export.   (if anyone can use a SOAP 
interface, it should be us.... ;-)   You may have seen the commits in the 
cxf/web dir related to that.  Run from a cron job on p.a.o, it periodically 
checks for changes and will export the appropriate changes to the live site.   
It's actually a lot smarter than autoexport (example: it knows about pages 
like "Navigation" that require a full rebuild) as well as generates much 
better HTML (it's HTML4/transitional compliant according to the w3c 
validator).    This new program has been  "live" for two weeks now and other 
than a few minor issues, no one has really noticed.   The site has "just 
worked".   Actually, with the new program, I was able to add the "Add Comment" 
(but in autoexport prevented that from working) link to the bottom so it's 
even better than before.  

Anyway, from  a normal "workflow" standpoint, nothing has changed.   You can 
click on the "edit' link, edit the pages, etc....    It will eventually sync 
to the live site  just like before.   However, I thought I'd mention that the 
templates and such configured in the autoexport plugin in confluence are no 
longer the "real" versions being used.    See the cxf/web stuff in svn for 
that.     Thus, when INFRA turns off autoexport, we'll be "ready" with a 
solution.   :-)

Longer term (like in 2012 sometime), INFRA also plans on requiring the use of 
svnpubsub for the sites.    Basically, that means the site will need to be 
checked into svn.   The normal rsyncs (and mvn site:deploy things to p.a.o) 
won't work.    This solution should be able to support that as well.   I plan 
to add svn support to the exporter so the stuff it generates can be added 
automatically into svn and committed.    At that point, it would be moved from 
a cron job to a build on buildbot (likely, jenkins/hudson MAYBE).   What THAT 
will allow is immediate updates to the site.   You'd be able to edit the 
confluence content and either manually run the exporter or click the "build 
now" button on buildbot and the site would be live in seconds.   That's mostly 
useful for the release  manager (me) when updating the release notes and 
download links.   :-)   Like I said, that all is a little furthur out.

Daniel Kulp

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