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From kasinath <>
Subject Custom JxBBindings for CXF
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2011 23:04:30 GMT

 I am running into an issue -Caused By:

I know it because of Jaxb custom binding. But I am unable to find the proper

Here is the scenario I am doing

public interface AuthService {

	Map<String, MedId> getMap(Set<String> setTest);

public class MapToMedType {
         public List<MedEntryType> entry = new ArrayList<MedEntryType>();


public class MedEntryType {

	public String key;
	public MedId value;



public class MedEntryTypeAdapter extends
		XmlAdapter<MapToMedType, Map<String, MedId>> {

	public MapToMedType marshal(Map<String, MedId> v) throws Exception {
		System.out.println("In JAXB.. trying to marshel");
		MapToMedType myMapType = new MapToMedType();
		for (Entry<String, MedId> entry : v.entrySet()) {
			MedEntryType medEntryType = new MedEntryType();
			medEntryType.key = entry.getKey();
			medEntryType.value = entry.getValue();
		return myMapType;


	public Map<String, MedId> unmarshal(MapToMedType v) throws Exception {
		System.out.println("In JAXB.. trying to UNMARSHl");
		HashMap<String, MedId> hashMap = new HashMap<String, MedId>();
		for (MedEntryType myEntryType : v.entry) {
			hashMap.put(myEntryType.key, myEntryType.value);
		return hashMap;




MedId - is a simple pojo.
webservice declaration

<jaxws:endpoint id="auth" implementor="#hello" address="/cxfAuth">


Please suggest me What I am doing wrong.. or Do I need to add anything
special to the custom binding? or refer to any document..

Please help me..


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