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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: Permgen, permgen
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2010 13:59:55 GMT
On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 8:25 AM, Andreas Veithen
<> wrote:
> Benson,
> Your analysis assumes that a class generated and loaded by the
> reflection code in the JRE can only be garbage collected if the class
> loader is garbage collected. Are you sure about that? I'm pretty sure
> that I've seen this type of classes being unloaded before the class
> loader was garbage collected.
> Andreas

I have two reasons for my view. 1) I am sure I've read that you have
to give the JVM a double-secret +X option to get the behavior you are
describing. 2) I've watched the behavior change in the yourkit logs.
Classes that were loaded and never unloaded (up to the point where
permgen runs out), get unloaded after I made the changes I've made so

I don't claim to have a comprehensive mental model of all this yet, however.

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