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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: Łukasz Moreń for CXF Committer
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2010 03:10:19 GMT
Here is my +1.

On 11/17/10 6:35 AM, Sergey Beryozkin wrote:
> Hi
> I'd like to initiate a vote for Łukasz Moreń to become a CXF committer.
> You may recall that Łukasz came forward and proposed to have OAuth 1.0
> implemented in CXF as part of GSOC 2010.
> During GSOC 2010 Łukasz tried his best to complete this complex project in
> time and he was very good at keeping the CXF dev community in the loop
> regarding the actual progress. Having had some limited exposure to OAuth
> related projects, I can tell that working with OAuth can be daunting and the
> amount of information to filter through can be overwhelming and thus I was
> really happy seeing Łukasz persevering and doing a very good effort as part
> of his project.
> One thing I'd like to highlight is that even though OAuth does not seem to
> be the most popular technology among CXF users today, it is really just a
> matter of time before OAuth starts hitting the mainstream. Today OAuth is
> associated with social networking, web-based user accounts, etc, but it does
> seem it is sooner rather than later when us, CXF users, will want to build a
> local OAuth-aware application  inside the enterprise and integrate with
> their STS stores, etc given the amount of attention big players are giving
> to OAuth today.
> Łukasz is an OAuth expert and he is working with OAuth and I do believe
> having him on board will benefit CXF going forward. We do want CXF featuring
> in the OAuth game one way or the other.
> Finally, it is worth mentioning Łukasz has continued working on his project
> after GSOC 2010 ended which shows his commitment.
> Thus I'd like to start a vote
> Here is my +1
> Sergey

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