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From Oliver Wulff <>
Subject AW: Musings for 2.4
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2010 17:37:39 GMT
- STS support on the server side
- Enhanced security token processing in WSS4J (custom BinarySecurityTokens, Kerberos)
- SAML 1.1 / 2.0  (signed, unsigned assertions)
- WSDL 2.0, enhanced MEP (like Robust In-Only)
- Load balancing features (similar to FailoverStrategy)


Von: Daniel Kulp []
Gesendet: Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010 19:04
Betreff: Musings for 2.4

OK.  Now that 2.3 is up for a vote, time to start thinking about 2.4 a bit.
Here are some of my thoughts of things to work on:

1) Updates to newer versions of XmlSchema and WSS4J.  I'd like to work closely
with those folks to get XmlSchema 2 and WSS4J 1.6 ready for use with CXF.
XmlSchema 2 would allow removal of some of our hacks.   WSS4J 1.6 would allow
us to fix some of the JIRA issues as well as introduce some new API's and such
for performance and possible REST uses.

2) Integration of the GSoC projects - the GSoC projects produced some good
code and ideas and I'd like to get them into a release.  They just were not
QUITE ready for 2.3.

3) OSGi things - I have a git branch that started turning all the modules into
OSGi fragments so we could use those instead of the big bundle depending on
what people needed.    That could be a good start.   Also, the "OSGiBus" thing
could be discussed more.

4) The HTTP async client stuff that I stuck on a branch.  That could help with
Camel/SMX integration and other async usecases.   Needs some more work though.

What other thoughts do people have?

Daniel Kulp
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