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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject XmlSchema 2.0 status report
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2010 23:15:37 GMT
Hello All,

I thought I'd drop a line to make sure that all interested parties
know what's creeping down the stem toward them with my current effort.

I've wired the trunk of the XmlSchema project (the nascent 2.0) to a
private (as in, in my local git repo) branch of CXF. I'm slowing
working through the CXF build, resolving test failures. I've made it
as far as Aegis.

When the whole build passes, we'll have to decide whether to let the
CXF trunk have a snapshot dependency on XmlSchema, or whether to hold
off the checkin until I can wangle a release of XmlSchema. I'd be in
favor of the former.

I am as sure as eggs are eggs that there will be surprises here. There
are a lot of tests in CXF, but XML schema contains such a wealth of
variegated lunacy that we have to expect some things to turn up.
XmlSchema 2.0 is somewhat better at complaining of invalid schemas
than 1.4.x was, and, well, there will be bugs.


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