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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: CXF compatibility on Glassfish V2 & V3
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 14:12:25 GMT
No one at CXF tests it inside Glassfish that I know of. All CXF needs
is a standard servlet container, so it is not easy to imagine a reason
for an incompatibility.

I can't compare stability for you. Many organizations use CXF in
production, some of them very large and picky. Migration depends on
your fondness for standards. CXF is fully conformant with JAX-WS and
JAX-B. Axis2 isn't. Metro presumably is. If you've built something
fully conformant, it will work in CXF. If you make use of CXF
extensions, it won't work in the others. Etc.

You are mistaken about the role of the ASF. The ASF doesn't 'adopt'
anything. Axis and CXF are both ASF projects. That's not an
endorsement of their technologies. It puts them in a particular open
source intellectual property realm which has many advantages, perhaps
particularly over Metro.

However, if the Metro team showed up at the ASF incubator with
appropriate rights to their code, there is no in-principle reason why
all three couldn't end up as ASF projects.

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