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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: CXF and HTTP proxy properties
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2010 16:47:28 GMT
On Monday 18 October 2010 7:57:50 am Guillaume Sauthier wrote:
> OK, I need a little help on this.
> I'm trying to imlpement the new HTTPClientPolicy "NonProxyHosts"
> attributes. Ideally, I would like to directly have in the bean a Pattern
> so that it's only initiallized once at parsing time.
> How to deal with that in JAXB ?
> It's simple to add a String attribute in the schema resulting in a new
> property in the generated bean, but how can I convert it into a regular
> Pattern ?
> Some ideas ?

You'll probably need a jaxb binding file for the http-conf.xsd.   Not a huge 

It would need to do two thing:
1) For this element, it would need to set the java class to Pattern (or 

2) Provide parse and print methods. (which would have to be added to a utility 
class in HTTP component someplace.  

Here is an example for a Calendar thing:

  <jxb:bindings schemaLocation="hello_schema2.xsd" node="/xs:schema">
    <jxb:globalBindings xmlns:jxb="" 
      <jxb:javaType name="java.util.Calendar" xmlType="xs:dateTime" 

However, that sets it on a global level which isn't what you'd want.  You 
would need to xpath it into the right element and set it that way.

Daniel Kulp

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