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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: XmlSchema, error checking, RFSB, hmm?
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2010 02:23:23 GMT
On Tuesday 12 October 2010 7:26:49 pm Benson Margulies wrote:
> Line 1250 of RFSB sets an element's qname to a message part qname.

I think your RFSB has mods.  Line 1250 doesn't line up with anything useful.

> The thing is, in the situation at hand, that message part lives in a
> different namespace than the schema of the element. And, so far as
> I've understood it, all the elements of schema 'x' have to live in the
> namespace of schema 'x'. The name of an element is an NCName, not a
> qname. XmlSchema 2.0 still has an API to set a qname but checks the
> namespace for sensibility. I am inclined to eliminate this, and make
> it so that the only setter for names of these things takes strings.

If it's a top level element, then yes, it must match the namespace.  However, 
I think you are in the method that creates the wrapper types, right?  In that 
case, it's a child element of a sequence.  In THAT case, it can be a different 
namespace, sort of.  It would be a ref to an element off in that namespace.  

Does that help explain it?


> When I do that, what do I do with RFSB? Just pull out the local part
> of the mpi name and hope for a lack of collisions?

Daniel Kulp

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