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From Andrzej Michalec <>
Subject Re: How to introduce configuration for low-level class?
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2010 17:15:22 GMT

Bill Burke-2 wrote:
> It think it was concluded that this spec was 
> more a URI generator template engine rather than a URI matching engine. 
> Meaning, it is more suitable for embedding within a link than using it 
> within a JAX-RS @Path annotation.
Bill, thank you for sharing your concerns from expert group perspective. I
agree with first sentence, it was also my first impression: generation is
trivial with while matching is not e.g. it introduces ambiguity with
"undefined" values. I am not sure where it could be useful in JAX-RS if not
in @Path? If we can build matching engine following this spec, I can imagine
pushing more fine-grained patterns into @Path. For example today we use
@QueryParam to extract this component of URI and then check if it is null or
not to make further decisions; here one annotated method handles (is matched
with) different permutations of URIs. If we could pushed decision up to
@Path we would maintain patterns in one place.

I have to admit that Sergey and me just started discussing this draft. I am
just playing with this spec implementation and I am aware that it may not
suite or not be accepted. If you see some obvious problems with construction
of matching engine following this spec, please share your concern with me.

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