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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject when JAX-WS has no wsdl
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2010 15:26:25 GMT
I know I've made some noise about this before, but I'm hoping for some
further clarification before I hare off after a specific sort-of
cosmetic annoyance.

Here's what recently happened to me....

I used the JAX-WS client API to create a proxy. I didn't pass in a
WSDL URL, and there was no WSDL location annotation on the SEI that I
passed in the Class<?> reference for it.

I confess that I expected it to concoct the obvious ?wsdl URL for
itself, and did not realize that it was deciding to live without.

What I got was a proxy that worked ... but, on the way, I got a long
list of 'severe' errors from the RFSB. For every complex type used as
a parameter or return from the SEI, out came a severe message
complaining that the relevant complex type was missing.

Presumably, what happened here is that CXF didn't fabricate enough
schema. Yet calls to the service work right.

It seems to me that these severe log messages can't possibly be what
we want. We want a single WARN level message that says, 'no wsdl, you
idiots, you may have problems.'

I'd like to work on the code here, and also on the text on Confluence.

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