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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: Releasing 2.3
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2010 01:23:37 GMT

If you've been reading the email, you'll see that I've hit a snag in
using the JAX-WS API to create a client proxy over JMS in the
java_first_jms sample. If you'd care to dive in and see if you can fix
the sample (or some bug in the underlying code) I'd be grateful.


>> 3) (optional) Update the jms sample to use jms spec.  (benson, not high
>> priority though)  Acutally, would be good to update the other jms samples
>> as
>> well.
> I can also give my hands on this example.
> Willem
>> 4) (optional) Try and get new releases of WSS4J and XmlSchema.  WSS4J
>> would be
>> nice as it would allow fixing a couple other JIRA issues.   I'll talk to
>> Colm
>> about WSS4J.
>> 5) Packaging issues with cxf-bundle.  I'll start a separate thread for
>> this,
>> but the quick summary is there are things that aren't in cxf-bundle (like
>> sdo
>> databinding, and some of the validation jars and such).   There are also
>> things that are in the bundle that probably could not be (like all the
>> tools
>> could go into a separate cxf-tools bundle to reduce the size of the rt
>> bundle).  Anyway, separate thread.
>> 6) JIRA issues - like normal, I plan to go through JIRA and see if there
>> are
>> any "easy fixes" that can be done quickly or have patches that could be
>> reviewed.
>> Anything else?
>> Looking at it, would people feel OK trying to target the week of Oct 4th
>> as
>> the release for 2.3?    The packaging issues are the main thing that need
>> to
>> be finalized.   Hopefully not too major.
>> Thoughts?

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