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From Alessio Soldano <>
Subject WS-Addressing asynch MEP, CXF-2167 and WSTF tests
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2010 15:43:19 GMT
I'm currently dealing with an application meant for testing the 
scenarios defined by WSTF ( The application uses 
JBossWS-CXF, currently leveraging Apache CXF trunk.
The third scenario of those WSTF tests is about WS-Addressing 
interoperability, see 
for all the details.
Currently I'm dealing with the 1.4 test (ASynch Echo+WSA): the client 
sends a non-faulting echo message with WS-Addressing headers to indicate 
an asynchronous response[1] is expected. wsa:Action, wsa:To, 
wsa:MessageID and wsa:ReplyTo are required. The wsa:ReplyTo must refer 
to an addressable endpoint that is also part of the application.
The success criteria for the test is that the service responds with the 
appropriate echo response on a new connection to the wsa:ReplyTo EPR 
specified in the echo message. On the original connection an HTTP 202 is 
returned. The echo response message will contain the appropriate 
WS-Addressing headers (wsa:Action, wsa:To and wsa:RelatesTo).
Currently the messages going over the wire are OK, however the test is 
failing because when receiving the response message on the response 
endpoint, the message is discarded with an abort on the interceptor 
chain performed by the MAPCodec. The reason is that MAPCodec is not able 
to find a correlated request message for the id provided in the 
relatesTo attribute of the response message.
This is basically the same problem explained in CXF-2167, except we're 
talking about a req-res MEP, so the application developer is not meant 
(at least to me) to deal with setting the RelationshipType of relatesTo 
in the response.
I'm thinking about relaxing that check for the correlated Exchange in 
MAPCodec::restoreExchange, basically avoiding the abort on the 
interceptor chain when the id is not found, for supporting usecases like 

[1] As per WSTF definition, Asynchronous Request-Response Message 
Exchange: "A SOAP message exchange in which a requester sends a SOAP 
message to a service and receives a response message. "Asynchronous" in 
this context refers to the manner in which the underlying transport 
protocol is used to carry the request and response messages. The 
response message is sent over a separate connection that is initiated by 
the service to the client (a "callback")."

Alessio Soldano
Web Service Lead, JBoss

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