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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Fun with the survey
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2010 20:06:38 GMT
On Monday 27 September 2010 9:44:25 pm Benson Margulies wrote:
> It looks like our close and personal relationship with Spring
> continues to really inconvenience very few and serve the majority. I
> wonder if we would want to invest energy in merely designing some
> scheme to make Spring more removable to assist some volunteer in
> working on it?

Well, this is something I keep thinking about quite a lot latetly.   There are 
several areas where we use Spring and expose spring to the user:

1) Wiring our own bus together

2) Providing configuration and namespace handlers and such for the user to 
more easily use CXF with spring

3) Using/abusing the spring aop stuff for things like transactions and 
sessions scopes and such

4) JMS transport

I really don't want to touch on #4.  Even the JMS guys say Spring JMS is the 
way to go to get JMS done correctly.   

For #3, we do provide some factories for some of the scopes and such, but 
again, spring does much of that so much better.

Everything done for #2 there are good API's (that the spring things call) and 
thus can be done programatically.   If someone has a different config 
mechanism, it's not hard to create a new one.

That really leaves #1.  We DO provide a non-spring version of the bus (The 
ExtensionBus stuff), but it has a bunch of limitations in what it can pick up 
and wire together and such.  Much of the SecPolicy stuff won't work for 
example.   This is something I was THINKING about looking at more for 2.4, 
partially to make things much more OSGi friendly where the various modules can 
be relatively independent bundles that an "OSGIBus" could grab via tha OSGi 
registries and such.    Yea.  Brain is noodling, but hasn't gotten very far 

Daniel Kulp

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