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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Releasing 2.3
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2010 14:43:04 GMT

We've now challenged the last few remaining JAX-RS 1.1 tests.  We're waiting 
to see if the challenge is accepted or not (and it's going to be slow due to 
JavaOne), but that pretty much means we're really close to having JAX-RS 1.1 
stuff ready.   JAX-WS 2.2 stuff is already completely passing.   Thus, I think 
we're getting really close to having 2.3 ready to release.   I'd like to 
collect of list of things that still need to be done (and hopefully get them 
into JIRA):

1) Finish docs of new annotations (my plate)

2) Update docs around the new continuations behavior. Mostly in the migration 
guide to mention how the new behavior may require some code changes.  (willem, 
can you pick that up)

3) (optional) Update the jms sample to use jms spec.  (benson, not high 
priority though)  Acutally, would be good to update the other jms samples as 

4) (optional) Try and get new releases of WSS4J and XmlSchema.  WSS4J would be 
nice as it would allow fixing a couple other JIRA issues.   I'll talk to Colm 
about WSS4J.

5) Packaging issues with cxf-bundle.  I'll start a separate thread for this, 
but the quick summary is there are things that aren't in cxf-bundle (like sdo 
databinding, and some of the validation jars and such).   There are also 
things that are in the bundle that probably could not be (like all the tools 
could go into a separate cxf-tools bundle to reduce the size of the rt 
bundle).  Anyway, separate thread.

6) JIRA issues - like normal, I plan to go through JIRA and see if there are 
any "easy fixes" that can be done quickly or have patches that could be 

Anything else?     

Looking at it, would people feel OK trying to target the week of Oct 4th as 
the release for 2.3?    The packaging issues are the main thing that need to 
be finalized.   Hopefully not too major.  


Daniel Kulp

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