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From Nilupa Bandara <>
Subject JiBX DataBinding: Status Update
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 13:46:51 GMT

I've updated the jibx databinding code to[1] and tested the code generation
with the attached StockQuoteService.wsdl. It generates the proper Java
classes for the schema embedded in the WSDL, skeleton code of both client
and the server and  proper message exchange happens when JiBX databinding is
set without any problem. At the moment I am writing some test cases and
javadoc comments which I'm hoping to commit in next few days.

There are couple of improvements which I would like to do

- Support '-compile' option

If the option is set, JiBX databinding should compile the generated Java
source files and should run the jibx-binding compiler against the generated
class files using the generated binding.xml. Since the jibx-binding compiler
only accepts class files (not source files) I am thinking  how to compile
the generated source files. Is there a standard way of programmatically
compile source files in Java 5 platform.? (I found some web resources
illustrating how to do it in Java 6, but couldn't find any for Java 5) If
there is, then I can enhance the JiBXDatabindingTooling to programmatically
compile the generated source files and run the jibx-compiler against the
those class files when '-compile' option is set.

- The implementation of getWrapperType() method in JiBXToolingDataBinding
class looks at the only one (ValueElement) of child elements of
BindingElement which contains binding/type information of generated classes.
It can certainly be improved to observe other child elements namely
StuctElement and CollectionElement when required (see [2]). I am looking for
some schema/wsdl artifacts which will help me on that and it would be great
if anyone can point me to such.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Nilupa Bandara

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