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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: JMS transport strongly depends on Spring
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2010 06:25:15 GMT

Just a little history on this...

Originally, the JMS transport only used the JMS API's directly.   I think the 
version on the 2.0 branch still is that way.   You may want to look at that as 
a starting point if you need a custom version.

Around Aug/Sept 2008, Christian did a lot of work to refactor the entire thing 
to use the Spring JMS stuff.   There were a lot of deficiencies in the JMS 
transport that were solved by doing that.   We actually talked to the JMS 
"experts" over on ActiveMQ and they all pretty much unanimously (James, Hiram, 
etc....) agreed that to do JMS correctly, you use the Spring JMS stuff.   
Never try to do good JMS without it.  Thus, it was refactored to use Spring.   
One of the JIRA's:

If you scroll back to the Aug/Sep 2008 time frame in the email logs, there may 
be more information.  Unfortunately, my internet access/email access is almost 
non-existent this week so I cannot really dig through right now.


On Tuesday 03 August 2010 4:48:59 am Sergey Beryozkin wrote:
> Hi
> I'm looking at the issue to do with the JMS transport strongly depending on
> Spring.
> As it happens, JMSConfiguration implements (Spring) InitializingBean for
> the only purpose of verifying that
> a connectionFactory has been set.
> This causes problems when doing non-Spring CXF deployments.
> Generally, we should really try to keep the Spring related code in .spring
> subpackages as it will make it simpler for CXF be integrated with other
> similar frameworks or deployed in containers providing the optional Spring
> support only.
> I'm planning just remove this dependency from the JMSConfiguration so that
> the JMS transport can be deployed without Spring with 2.2.10.
> This is really the main property but if it's not been set for some reason
> in the Spring case then it will be caught anyway. That said, I'll add
> another check
> in JMSConfiguration.getOrCreateWrappedConnectionFactory (which by the way
> attempts to get the connectionFactory from JNDI if it's currently null) to
> ensure it's been initialized.
> cheers, Sergey

Daniel Kulp

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