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From Tomasz Oponowicz <>
Subject Re: [GSOC] Simple and lightweight HTML-based browser for surveying Apache CXF logs
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2010 11:25:42 GMT
Hi Sergey,

Thanks for your reply.

I've made a number of commits, but I forgot write what they fixed:

- Refactored code of BootstrapStorage (for easier configuration) and
- Moved "static file" servlet to BootstrapStorage as subresource;
- Removed dependency of XStream from source code and from pom.xml file;
- Fixed bugs connected with restoring settings from BootstrapStorage;
- Fixed configuration for logger in sample (for better interaction
with AtomPullServer);
- Moved configuration of JSONProvider to BootstrapStorage;
- Removed "CHECKSTYLE:OFF" attribute from some classes;
- Added "Copies" input in "generate.html" page for define number of
copies. "GenerateServlet" class will generate number of message
(specified in "Copies" field) in one time;
- Fixed bug with not clearing previous page after going to another. Added
- Added basic exception basic handler
- Removed datetime, level from event content.
- Fixed broken layout of 'settings' tab;
- Fixed broken layout of 'authentication' tab;
- Fixed moved 'last' link;
- Fixed title of the page;
- Add cutting long message in log entries list;

However I also found issues (I will fix them ASAP):

- Hide security fields (username, password etc) in "Add/Edit endpoint"
dialog box (because I won't implemented authentication for endpoints
in the near future,)
- Add more advanced exception handler for easy investigating exception;
- Add word wrap to entry content;

When I fixed all issues I will come back to refactoring, adding JavaDocs etc.
Below some comments.

On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 12:32 AM, Sergey Beryozkin <> wrote:
> Hi Tomasz
> I've built a logbrowser demo in the snapshot. UI is getting slicker, very
> good.
> And I've managed to see the prev/next/last links - great stuff.
> So things are going well as far as I can see.
> Here are some specific comments :
> - ManageEndpoint link is 'acting' as a button but not as a link

I think it's good enough. I patterned "logbrowser" user interface upon
"Google Reader" user interface - they sometimes use links as buttons
to be more compact.

> - the log entry content does not show now date/level but it has some
> prefixes which I'm not sure about, ex, if the log entry in the list in the
> top right corner reads DEBUG SomeTime "1" then what is displayed below id
> "[12]1", so no level & time but some bogus "[12]" prefix

It's thread name. I agree with you that it's a little bit enigmatical.
I will change it into "Thread name: X" and move it into new special
section within current "entry content" section.

> - GenerateServlet still causes issues for me, had to enter 40 entries 1 by
> 1. But please don't fix GenerateServlet but rather introduce a JAXRS app
> endpoint which generates some custom log entries and have the browser
> involking on that endpoint as discussed earlier on.

I've already added new input "Copies" to "generate.html" page. If you
enter "40" there, "GenerateServlet" will generate "40" entries in one
time. Maybe I should rename this input from "Copies" to "Number of
copies", because at the moment it could be a little bit confusing.

> - Update AtomPullServer to have say a 20-25 limit per page by default - I
> put 40 originally but it is too much..
> - Key Focus is lost periodically. Example, I have to select an individual
> log entry in the top right corner. But it has to be selected once I select
> TestEndpoint in the left pane (if the entries already exist) or after
> Refresh and the focus should stay there on that initial entry. If I now
> press 'next' I should see the first entry in the next list selected again
> and the same should happen when I press previous. May be this is not easy to
> do - not a big issue for now...

Great advice! I will fix it ASAP.

> These are all minor issues compared to the overall progress, thanks.
> I'll be traveling on Friday back home and have very limited time in the
> evenings next week...
> thanks, Sergey

Best regards,
Tomasz Oponowicz

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