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From Łukasz Moreń <>
Subject Re: OAuth client and server demos
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2010 08:55:42 GMT
Hi Sergey,

I'm really sorry for such commit, I know it shouldn't happen. I turned
off checkstyle as i couldn't configure it properly on intellij and it
was annoying during development.
I will apply proper changes ASAP.

According to the demo, I built it as usual web-app, if it worked, use
this same sources to deploy on GAE.
However because of GAE restrictions it always needs minor changes
before deploy, i.e. GAE can't read configuration files such as:
from jars, so I copied it to WEB-INF folder.
Commited to svn version does not depend on GAE SDK and can be run
locally with jetty:run.

Yes, I warned about server configuration part:). I will take care to
make it simpler.
So far, oauth consumer properties are hardcoded and injected into
oauth provider, as I think it is not oauth library responsibility to
deal with consumer registration.
Hovewer for demo it would be good to have something like that. I would
do registration form at the server as it is done by current big oauth

Recently I've noticed that Camel have done oauth client as well:):

Thanks much for review, and hints.


2010/7/24 Sergey Beryozkin <>:
> Hi Łukasz
> Sorry for a delay,  I should've come back earlier to you.
> I've run the demo hosted at the app engine and I think from the education
> point of view it is a good demo and it is handy one does not even has to
> build anything in order to try it.
> I've had a problem building the rt/rs/oauth tests - there's a bunch of
> CheckStyle errors. Can you please build sandbox/oauth_1.0a from the trunk,
> just do 'mvn install -Pfastinstall' and then do 'mvn install' from rt/rs/ ?
> One other thing, please move the demo to
> "distribution/src/main/release/samples/" as well add Readme to it.
> Also I can not build the demo too, the client build fails with the following
> dependency missing
> 1) net.oauth.core:oauth-consumer:jar:20100527
> But I'm seeing an oauth repo in the rt/rs/oauth pom, have you built it in
> the GAE dev environment ?
> Can you please spend a bit of time on cleaning the build a bit :
> - fix the checkstyle errors and move the demo to the
> ""distribution/src/main/release/samples/"" area and also add Readme; after
> building the distribution (mvn install in trunk/distribution) you can easily
> verify the demo can be run by locating in the target.
> - add the oauth dependency in the parent pom so that the rs/oauth module can
> depend on it without specifying a version and have the demo client module
> depending on rt/rs/oauth module instead (similarly to the server one)
> - during the main build please use the Spring version CXF depends upon and
> use its -Pspring3 profile to build for the deployment into GAE
> As far as the demo is concerned. I looked at the server part and it looks
> complicated enough :-) but I think it makes sense to me. I'll likely ask for
> some modifications but perhaps if you could start with updating the demo
> such that a consumer initiates its own registration with the OAuth server :
> I can see at the moment an oauth provider is injected with some sample
> consumer properties. I'm not sure what is the best way to do it : may be the
> server can return a registration form or the client can just push the
> registration info itself.
> Overall I think it is a good progress indeed especially given the complexity
> of the whole effort.
> thanks, Sergey
> On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 10:14 PM, Łukasz Moreń <>wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have managed to create two sample OAuth aplications:
>> ordinary OAuth 1.0a client:
>> and authorization server that uses CXF OAuth module:
>> Both sample applications and changes in oauth library are commited in
>> sandbox.
>> OAuth configuration in sample authorization server app looks a bit
>> awfully but I think most of that can be hidden and done out of band.
>> There is still some areas in specification not covered by
>> implementation, so I would like to take care of that in next steps.
>> Thanks in advance for some feedback.
>> Cheers,
>> Lukasz

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