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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: HTTP SPI working for us?
Date Sat, 31 Jul 2010 03:40:28 GMT

Daniel  Kulp wrote:
> I don't think it will as I know I haven't implemented anything using the 
> http/spi things yet and I don't remember Jim doing so either.    The
> 2.2 TCK doesn't hit it at all.     Thus, it's not really something that
> needs 
> to be there to claim compliance.   
> I did see that blog entry and thought it looked interesting, but I really 
> haven't had the time to try getting that stuff implemented.  It may be
> pretty 
> tricky to implement as it almost requires a whole new transport, but I
> haven't 
> looked to much at it.
> Dan

Neither have I.  But if I understand the new functionality correctly, it
would not be so much the need for a new transport but a need to abstract
CXF's present usage of Jetty in implementing Endpoint in a manner that
allows other servlet containers to be placed in.  What JAX-WS 2.2 basically
does (in pseudocode) is switch from this: 

Endpoint e21 = new Endpoint(...);

to this:

Endpoint e22 = new Endpoint(Jetty, ...);

allowing the developer to replace "Jetty" with "Tomcat" or "Grizzly", etc.,
in the first parameter of the constructor above (as soon as
Endpoint-supporting implementations of the latter two are created.)   If my
understanding here is correct, then Jetty would remain the default
implementation for our Endpoint interface with its own simplified
constructor, i.e., new Endpoint(...) would be the same as new
Endpoint(Jetty, ...), and Endpoint reimplemented so constructors of the
latter form could be created.

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