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From David Bosschaert <>
Subject Re: DOSGI: Update to CXF 2.2.9
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2010 07:24:55 GMT
It troubles me that if people want to use CXF-DOSGi they would have to
fiddle with the org.osgi.framework.system.packages. This is a major
usability drawback from where we were before.

> A more long-term option might to ship an entire distro of karaf with dOSGi,
I'm also opposed to turning the CXF-DOSGi distribution into a Karaf
distro as OSGi is all about reusable components that can be used in
any compliant OSGi Framework. We shouldn't have to ship a tweaked
runtime for people to be able to use it.

>> I'm just curious, why was the CXF import updated to include 0.0.0 ?
> So it works with an "out of the box" setup of Equinox without requiring the
> user to update funky setup things like the system.packages thing.

Depending on version 0.0.0 is potentially dangerous because you have
no idea what version you will get. In OSGi this dependency means: take
any version available!

For CXF-DOSGi, as a temporary workaround, we *could* is *fix* the CXF
jar that's part of our multibundle distro (during the build) and
change the starting version back to what it was before.

We could also reorder the bundles in the multibundle distro definition
file (distro_bundles.xml). I managed to get things working in the
standalone case by putting the cxf bundle below the jaxws/jaxrs
bundles, however for some reason it still hangs in the system tests...



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