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From Dennis Sosnoski <>
Subject Re: [JiBX DataBinding] An issue when feeding the XMLStreamReader to JiBX framework
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2010 23:00:02 GMT
Daniel Kulp wrote:
> On Friday 25 June 2010 12:44:49 pm Dennis Sosnoski wrote:
>> Hi Nilupa,
>> Looking at the stack trace, I'm wondering how you're passing the
>> XMLStreamReader to JiBX. The way the code is set up, you need to create
>> the StAXReaderWrapper *before* you reach the start tag of the element
>> that's going to be processed by JiBX (so in the case of processing a
>> SOAP message body, you'd need to do this while the XMLStreamReader is
>> positioned on the Body start tag). If you create the StAXReaderWrapper
>> when you're already positioned at the start tag of the element it looks
>> like it would cause this problem when you reach the end tag.
> Hmm..   that's likely going to be a problem if we do the full "use wrappers" 
> approach.   We need to get the element nam to be able figure out the operation 
> name and map that to the right class to use and such. Thus, by the time the 
> databinding gets it, it would be positioned AT the start element, not before 
> it.
> Dan

Ok, sounds like the approach mentioned below is the one we'll need to try.

>  > If you can't take this approach with CXF I can change the
>> StAXReaderWrapper to give you a workaround. It should be enough to just
>> make the startTag() method public, so that after constructing the
>> StAXReaderWrapper you call this method to initialize the state for the
>> current element start tag.

Nilupa, I've updated JiBX CVS with this change and posted new 
1.2.3-SNAPSHOT jars to the maven1 repository at Try adding the call to 
startTag() after constructing the StAXReaderWrapper, it should get you 
past the problem.

  - Dennis

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