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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Endorse jaxws 2.2 API jar
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2010 18:20:19 GMT


I just committed some changes that I think should work for us.   Can you give 
it a look?

Basically, in jaxws module, I've separated out the jaxws 2.2 specific stuff 
into a separate source tree.   I've added a "jaxws22" profile that will add 
the 2.2 stuff into the build and setup the endorsed stuff (for compile only 
right now, would need to add surefire as well if/when we need it) as well as 
include a different META-INF/services/...  file that points at the 2.2 

By default,  "mvn install" or whatever will be jaxws 2.1.    With -Pjaxws22, 
it will create the jar with the 2.2 stuff.    Since the jaxws22 profile isn't 
normally active, if you -Psetup.eclipse or intellij or whatever, it will be 
setup as jaxws 2.1 and the 2.2 stuff won't be visible in eclipse.   Thus, 
normal development won't break.  

What's good is that the 2.2 Provider will detect if 2.2 api jar is not 
available and will return the 2.1 Endpoint if not.   Thus, it should work fine 
with 2.1 (non-endorsed) type stuff as well.    You can easily test this by 
building jaxws with -Pjaxws22 and going to the system tests and run them.  
Since they don't bring in 2.2 at all, and they still run completely fine, it's 
looking pretty good. 

Anyway, I would need to update the release profiles to add the jaxws22 profile 
stuff and I still need to update the distribution to somehow take it into 
account and create the new jaxws22-endorsed lib dir as well.   But I wanted 
you to look at this so far.  


On Friday 18 June 2010 11:11:16 am jim ma wrote:
> > Possibly not.  It would end up as a classpath ordering issue more than
> > anything else.   The 2.2 jar would just need to be in front of the other
> > jar on the classpath or in the classloader.    For the distribution, we
> > can easily setup the manifest jar to put the 2.2 jar first, but not put
> > it in lib.   To use 2.2, it would just be a matter of copying the jar
> > into lib and the manifest would automatically pick it up first.
> This can only fix the use case which uses manifest jar to pick up all cxf
> jars. It does not work for the other projects which explicitly add 
> specific cxf jars to
> integrate cxf as their web service server . Using the classpath
> ordering is not easy for
> other projects embeds cxf to switch jaxws2.2 implementation .
> Cheers,
> Jim

Daniel Kulp

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