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From David Bosschaert <>
Subject CXF-DOSGi passing the OSGi Remote Services and Remote Service Admin CT
Date Wed, 12 May 2010 16:40:28 GMT
Hi all,

Earlier this week the OSGi Alliance has approved the OSGi 4.2
Enterprise Conformance Tests and Reference Implementations. The
CXF-DOSGi project [1] is the Reference Implementation for the
following OSGi 4.2 specs [2]:

* Chapter 13 - Remote Services
This spec describes Distributed OSGi from a user's point of view. It
standardizes the properties that can be put on an OSGi service to make
it available remotely and how a consumer can find out whether it's
dealing with a local service or a remote one.

* Chapter 122 - Remote Services Admin
This spec standardizes the interfaces between internal components
Remote Services implementations typically have. A Distribution
Provider, Topology Manager and Discovery System. This makes it
possible to mix&match these components from various implementations.
For more information see slides 6-8 at [3].

Many kudos to Marc Schaaf as he did a lot of the recent RI work.
Also many kudos to Tim Diekmann from TIBCO who wrote the actual CT
tests despite his busy schedule.

So now that we have a passing RI I think it would make sense to start
planning a CXF-DOSGi release. I'm wondering what we should do before
1. There are some SEVERE 'warnings' coming up, I believe from the
Topology Manager. We should probably take a look at those.
2. I once added some Discovery system tests, which I ended up not
enabling because of memory issues. I might want to try and get them
working on all platforms.
3. Anything else?

Best regards,



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