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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: SOAP Monitoring console for CXF
Date Mon, 01 Feb 2010 10:15:26 GMT

> Hi,
> I have submitted the interceptor part as a patch in jira :

thanks. Personally, I'm not sure we can commit it just yet. The existing response time management
feature is a light weight 
component whose goal is to collect some operation statistics and eventually expose it over
JMX. The idea of persisting exchanges and 
ultimately showing them without JMX being involved seems to be generally useful, but there
are quite a few depedencies/details in 
the patch which would require users of the in/out persistence interceptors to stick to specific
technologies like spring orm, etc, 
but they may just want to save exchanges into a text file or push them over a socket/http.

IMHO it would be useful to have persistence interceptors added to the management feature but
it would be better to abstract away the 
details of how a current exchange can be persisted. Example, I'd only add say 2  interceptors
(in/out) plus, say, some simple 
interface which can be used to save an exchange.

Next, we can have a demo showing one way (as shown in the patch) how the exchanges can be

> I also have a question regarding the rt/management-web module : the packaging is "jar"
in the pom.xml. Does it mean this is a 
> library that should be included by users in their own webapp or should the packaging
be "war" instead ?

It will be a jar, but ultimately it will become a 'bundle' which is a jar with its manifest
updated with few extra OSGI 

> If this module is intended to be the management webapp, is it OK to add spring-webmvc
dependency in it ?

The idea behind introducing this module is to let users do a number of useful management-related
tasks over HTTP, by relying on the 
existing CXF modules and technologies already available in JDK. Ex, CXF JAXRS module can be
used to create various endpoints (one 
will be used to let users subscribe to atom logging events, the other one will actually let
users view the statisics amd possibly do 
spme management operations, etc). I'd prefer to have a JAXRS endpoint which could be used
to show the statistics and possibly the 
exchanges persisted by various CXF 'working' endpoints.

Thoughts ?

thanks, Sergey

> Thanks,
> Rémi.
>> Hi
>>>  Hi,
>>>  I wrote a soap monitoring tool for cxf and I'd like to make it open
>>>  source. I'd like to know if it could be included in cxf package since I
>>>  think it could be useful to other cxf users.
>>>  Basically it's just two soap interceptors that store requests, responses
>>>  and some more data in a database.
>>>  Additional data is the service name, the operation name, the exception
>>>  type and the stacktrace if the response is a fault, the response time,
>>>  the status, the user agent, the encoding, http headers, etc.
>>>  It also provides a mechanism so users can store their own additional
>>>  data if they need to.
>> What is your opinion about contributing some of this code to the rt/management module
>> Cyrille and other experts can help. The rt/management conrtains a management featire
>> can be used to monitor both SOAP and
>> RESTful services. And it looks like it can do most of what you've described above
but perhaps
>> you can help enhancing it for it to
>> match what your interceptors can do ?
>>>  The cxf console comes with 3 maven modules :
>>>  - cxf-soap-console-dao : used for CRUD operation in database, use
>>>  iBatis. MySQL is supported, I'll add Oracle and Postgres support soon
>>>  since I need it, I might also add derby support.
>>>  - cxf-soap-console-interceptors : the soap interceptors that users need
>>>  to add to their webservices. They are basically extended versions of
>>>  LoggingInterceptors from cxf.
>>>  - cxf-soap-console-webapp : a webapp to show data stored by the
>>>  interceptors (see attached screenshots)
>>>  It is still in an alpha stage, here are some planned features ;
>>>  - statistics by service
>>>  - statistics by operation
>>>  - jfreechart inclusion in the webapp
>>>  - a search form
>>>  - make it a cxf feature
>> This is quite interesting. You may've seen we've discussed the possibility of introducing
>> a rt/management-web module which will
>> initially contain :
>> - atom based pull/push logging support for individual jaxrs/jaxrs endpoints (thsi
code is
>> currently in CXF JAX-RS) with the eventual
>> possibility to subscribe or register callback URIs from CXF /services page
>> - CXF JAX-RS based endpoint for showing JMX-based data over HTTP for all CXF endpoints
>> providing more advanced management
>> capabilities over time
>> I hope this component will eventually turn CXF itself into a well-featured Web application
>> on its own. We'll need to complete some
>> intial support for the Atom pull logging stuff (nearly there) and then I will do
the move.
>> It looks like what you've done may be eventually added to this new CXF module. Others
>> have a different opinion though...
>> cheers, Sergey
>>>  I've attached the source code, some screenshots, and the ddl script to
>>>  create the database. Maven should generate a war deployable in tomcat,
>>>  mvn eclipse:eclipse will generate the eclipse projects. The datasource
>>>  must be named jdbc/cxf/console.
>>>  Has this any chance to be included in cxf or should I create a separate
>>>  project on google code/sourceforge ?
>>>  Regards,
>>>  R�mi.

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